Mitsubishi thyristor:

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. was founded in 1921 and is one of the subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Group. Mitsubishi Automation is a comprehensive supplier of electromechanical products, and its business scope covers industrial automation (FA) products and Mechatronics products.

Large-capacity thyristor played a central role in the modernization of power electronics in the 1960s and can now handle higher voltages and currents.
In the 1980s, it developed from a reverse blocking thyristor with no self-shutdown function to a GTO (Gate Turn off) thyristor.
In addition, the GCT (Gate Commutated Turn off) thyristor inherits the basic structure of the GTO thyristor, which greatly reduces the gate impedance and achieves high-speed operation and high turn-off performance.

Mitsubishi thyristor products include the following types
● GCT thyristor 6,000-6,500V/400-6,000A
● GTO thyristor 2,500-4,500V/1,000A-4,000A
● Ultra-high voltage thyristor 12,000V/1,500A

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