NEC thyristor:

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational information technology company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. NEC provides information technology (IT) and network products for commercial enterprises, communications services, and governments.

NEC's business scope is mainly divided into three parts: IT solutions, network solutions and electronic equipment. NEC's electronic equipment includes semiconductors, displays and other electronic devices. NEC is a member of Sumitomo Group.

NEC SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier), is a high-power electrical component, also known as a thyristor. It has the advantages of small size, high efficiency and long life.
In the automatic control system, it can be used as a high-power drive device to realize the control of high-power equipment with low-power controls.
It has been widely used in AC and DC motor speed control systems, power control systems and follow-up systems.

Other semiconductor products produced by NEC include NEC IGBTs, NEC diodes, and NEC modules.

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