Westcode thyristor:

WESTCODE Semiconductor is a global manufacturer of high-performance power semiconductor products. The company is located in Chippenham, England and has a long history of manufacturing semiconductor devices.

This company began to produce copper oxide rectifiers in the 1920s. It currently has the advanced equipment for the production of silicon power devices, and uses solid-state diffusion technology to produce a series of silicon power devices, including thyristors, diodes, power transistors, GTOs and corresponding heat sinks.

Its products are used in AC/DC drives, rectifier power supplies, UPS, welding equipment, induction heating and railway traction, etc. Many countries in the world have adopted the company's power devices in their electric locomotive equipment. Today, WESTCODE Semiconductors Ltd has been merged into IXYS.

WESTCODE semiconductor products mainly include,
● N series WESTCODE PCT (WESTCODE Phase Control Thyristors)
● R Series WESTCODE Distributed Gate Thyristors
● SM series Fast Recovery Diodes
● SW series WESTCODE Rectifier Diodes

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