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WIKA Transmitter 850.01.080/2177

WIKA Transmitter 891.34.2189

WIKA Transmitter TR30-W

WIKA Temperature Transmitter Output:4-20mA
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Wooden box

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7~14 days(About)

Conditions :

New and Genuine

The WIKA Transmitter is of high quality!
We can provide various of transmitters or transducers from WIKA,
The specific series or models are as follows,please contact us for concrete price and more details!
A-10, A-20, A2G-45, A2G-50, A2G-52, A2G-55, A-30, AC-1, C-2, D-10
D-10-7, D-11, D-11-7, D-20-9, D-21-9, DP-10, DPT-10, DTP-10, E-10, E-11
ECO-1, F-20, HP-2, IS-20, IS-20-F, IS-20-S, IS-21-F, IS-21-S, IS-3, IUT-10
LH-10, LS-10, M-10, M-11, MG-1, MH-3, MHC-1, N-10, N-11, O-10
O-10, (T), O-10-C, OT-1, P-10, P-30, P-31, PSD-10, PSD-30, PSD-31, R-1
S-10, S-11, S-20, SA-11, T15, T32, TR10-B, UT-10, WU-20, WU-25
WU-26, WU-2X, WUC-10, WUC-15, WUC-16, WUC-1X, WUD-20, WUD-25, WUD-26, 232.50.100
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