Okmarts ULVAC Vacuum Pump VS650A-W-02222-1A4131131 ULVAC Vacuum Pump VS650A-W-02222-1A4131131, okmarts Online Average rating: 4.6, based on 89 reviews

ULVAC Vacuum Pump VS650A-W-02222-1A4111135

ULVAC Vacuum Pump VS650A-W-02222-1A4131132

ULVAC Vacuum Pump VS650A-W-02222-1A4131131

Maximum pumping speed m3/h 650/750(50/60Hz)
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Wooden box

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7~14 days(About)

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New and Genuine

VS650A are single stage oil rotary vane pumps. Design to provide low vibration and noise, the VS series eliminates the need for costly facility work. Both air cooled and water cooled models are available depending on customer installation requirements.
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