LS Mecapion

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LS Mecapion Encoder:

LS mecapion Rotary Encoders have high resolution and high response frequency. It enables users to experience signal precision and anti-noise. LS rotary encoders are used for factory automation equipments, machining centers, elevators, logistics equipments, and LS mecapion’s own servo motors.


LS mecapion Rotary Encoders are classified into two types: LS Solid Shaft Encoders and LS Hollow Shaft Encoders

  1. LS Solid Shaft Encoders

- S68A Series: Used for NC Machining Center and Broad Industry, Mechanical Rigidity

- S-type (S40, S48, S78 etc.): Diverse Products & Resolution, DC 5~24V, Broad Compatibility with 3rd party products, High response frequency achieved.

  1. LS Hollow Shaft Encoders

- Series : H40, H88, H100 series: Elevator, Logistics Equipment, Industrial Motor, Door, Mechanical & Electrical Function Enhanced, Diverse Products & Resolution


LS Rotary Encoders have the following features:

  1. Various Type with High Resolution

- Shaft type : Φ30 ~ Φ78

- Hollow shaft type : Φ30 ~ Φ128

- MPG : Panel attach type, Portable type

- LS Encoders Incremental type, LS Encoders Absolute type

- Various output type

- Resolution : 10P/R ~ 6000P/R

  1. High Stability

- Strong against noise with digital output

- Various power input

- High compatibility with various machine

- Easy to apply

  1. Application

- Elevator

- Lubrication

- FA Machine

- Industrial Motor