Sales and Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping at OKmarts Mall. We strive to provide you with the best service to give you a premium experience. However, we also understand that sometimes the products you purchased may be different from your expectations.

1.Order Acceptance and Billing

Before fulfilling your order, we may require you to provide additional information. We will proactively contact you, and proceed with your order only after reaching a mutual agreement through communication.

We reserve the right to reject or cancel an order for any reason, including limitations on purchase quantities, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, or issues identified by our order verification personnel.

If your order is cancelled after your credit card (or other payment account) has been charged, we will issue a refund for the corresponding amount to your credit card (or other payment account).

By confirming to generate an order during the checkout process, it indicates that you agree to accept and pay for the products, all shipping and handling fees, and any applicable taxes.

The platform reserves the right to set the minimum order quantity for product purchases. The reason for this may be that there will be relatively high shipping costs for purchasing a single product. Therefore, if you only need one item, you can contact customer service to put forward your needs. Please note that when you choose to purchase a single item with a minimum order quantity restriction, you are willing to bear the resulting shipping costs.

For users who place orders or apply for refunds maliciously, the platform reserves the right to restrict or terminate your accounts at its sole discretion, or cancel/refuse orders that violate or abuse the refund policy, and shall not bear your losses caused by the refund.

2. Product Pricing

Before you place an order, the platform is unable to confirm the price or availability of the products, and there may be instances of pricing or supply errors. When we receive your order, it does not imply an acceptance of the order or confirmation of an offer to sell products.

Even if you have completed the payment for an order, we still reserve the right to cancel any order that includes pricing or inventory errors, without further obligation on our part. Of course, we will prioritize contacting you before canceling the order and strive to find a solution through negotiation, with the aim of fulfilling your order whenever possible.

3. Shipping and Export

1. Export Policy

You acknowledge that the products sold on the website are subject to the laws and regulations of Chinese customs and export control. They may also be subject to customs and export laws and regulations of the country/region where the products are delivered, and you agree to comply with all applicable laws. You agree, declare, and warrant that you will not carry, transfer, transship, export, or re-export (collectively referred to as "transfer") any materials from any country/region. Such materials may not be transferred directly from China or by persons, entities or organizations in China without permission.

2. Shipping and Delivery

The ordered products will be shipped to the address you have specified, as long as the address is complete and complies with the shipping restrictions stated on the website. All transactions are conducted under a shipping contract, which means that the risk of loss and ownership of the products are transferred to you once the products are delivered to the carrier.

3. Free Shipping Policy

We offer free shipping for products on our online store, with the following exceptions:

  1. Compressors, all pump products, and some products weighing over 21kg (including packaging) are not eligible for free shipping.
  2. Some remote areas are not eligible for free shipping.

Due to variations in logistics costs and service levels across different regions, the shipping fees may vary (express delivery may not be available in some countries/regions, and the actual situation will depend on the services provided by DHL and FedEx). We appreciate your understanding that shipping fees will be charged for orders from the following regions.

We will calculate the shipping fee based on the delivery address you select, so please make sure to provide the correct and accurate location. If the country/region you select differs from the detailed address you provide, we will calculate the fee based on the detailed address you have filled in. We reserve the right to request the price difference in shipping fees resulting from the mismatch between the chosen country and the delivery address.

Please note that the above information represents our standard shipping fee policy. The specific shipping fee policy may vary depending on factors such as product type, ongoing promotions, or other factors. Before placing your order, we will clearly display the shipping fees you need to pay on the checkout page, allowing you to make an informed decision. If you have any questions regarding the shipping fees, please feel free to contact our customer service team. Once again, thank you for choosing our e-commerce platform, and wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

4. Refunds

When you encounter this situation, please follow this policy for refund operations. Please refer to the following terms and conditions for refunds applicable to your products.

1. Return requests should be submitted within 15 days after the goods are received in the "Order" section of your personal center. For orders that exceed 15 days after receipt, you cannot initiate a refund request directly. Please contact our customer service, and we will provide you with return or exchange services based on the specific circumstances of the product.

2. Due to high logistics costs in international trade, if the refunded product has no quality issues, you will be responsible for the shipping costs and related handling fees incurred when returning the goods. We will deduct the corresponding fees when fulfilling the refund obligation. If the product is damaged or unusable upon receipt, you only need to submit an application, and we will bear all shipping costs and handling fees.

3. After you return the undamaged product and original accessories, we will refund the payment through the original channel within 7 working days after inspection and acceptance.

4. The following products cannot be returned once used: consumable goods (such as welding rods, tapes, grinding wheels, saw blades, filter elements, wearing parts, etc.).

5. If the quality issue of the returned product is caused by wear, collision, improper installation, or unauthorized repairs, we will deduct a certain percentage of the payment after receiving and evaluating the product to compensate for the loss that it cannot be sold again.

6. Please clean the used products before returning them simply, and ensure secure packaging to avoid damage during transportation, which may result in the refund request being rejected or part of the refund being received.

7. The refunded transaction currency will be based on the payment currency.

8. In case of force majeure factors such as natural disasters, government actions, or social events causing product damage, we will provide a certain refund in the form of compensation after evaluation.

9. Returns should be conducted after negotiation. Once agreed upon, you can choose to ship the product yourself or have us arrange logistics to pick up the goods.

5. Disclaimer

All brand names, models, or marks listed on the website belong to their respective manufacturers. These terms are used for identification purposes only and do not imply any affiliation with OKmarts company. The product images displayed on the website are for reference only, and the actual design, specifications, etc., of the products may vary. If you are unsure, please confirm at the time of purchase.

All content, materials, products, services, features, and other items provided to you by OKmarts on the website are provided based on the original manufacturer and according to the actual situation of OKmarts. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, regarding the content, materials, products, services, features, or other items provided to you.

You agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage to your property or data resulting from any materials you access or download from the website.