Sanyo Denki

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SANYO scroll compressors are designed with fixed eccentric and tip seals for axial sealing, resulting in minimal gas leakage and therefore excellent efficiency. Separation of suction gas from the discharge side

reduces heat transfer, further improving efficiency. The lack of suction and discharge valves significantly reduces scroll compressor sound and vibration levels.


SANYO Scroll Compressor C-SB Series

  1. Fixed eccentric design, high precision assembling
  2. Decreasing the gradient of fixed scroll and forming an inner discharge muffle
  3. PPStip seal, improve the sealing performance and efficiency 
  4. Simple structure, high reliability


SANYO Scroll Compressor C-SC Series

  1. High-performance rolling bearing is applied inthe main frame and the bearing plate.
  2. Direct power breakdown for motor protection
  3. The using of strainer in the suction inlet ensuresthe safety of compressor


SANYO Scroll Compressor C-SD Series

  1. Saving energy,outstanding Annual Performance Factor(APF)
  2. Smooth loadoutput, stable energy efficiency at high level under different rotation speed
  3. Connectingeasily and oil balance design on tandem and multi A/C system applications
  4. Toachieve desired cooling and heating effect quickly, high output capacity and compact units design


SANYO Scroll Compressor C-SE Series

  1. Axial and radial compliance design,fixed scroll floating sealing structure
  2. High tolerance for liquid refrigerant and contaminants