various size of precision linear guideways on a table

Figure 1: Different linear guideways.

Whether we use linear guideways in 3D printers, automatic dispensing machines, automatic screen printing machines, CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers and other equipment, it is necessary to choose the right type of linear guide. Then what factors need to be considered when we choose linear guideways?

1. Load Size

First of all, determine the size of the load. The bearing capacity of linear guideways products of different specifications is very different. When choosing linear guideways products, you must first choose according to the size of the load.

2. Preload

The second is the choice of preload of linear guideways, which is what we often call pre-compaction. The appropriate preload value can be selected according to the shock and vibration of the designed structure, as well as the specific precision requirements. This is also one of the factors we need to consider when choosing linear guideways.

3. Direction of Force

The direction of force must be considered. Usually there will be four rows of circular arc raceways distributed on the sub-slider and guideways of the linear guideways. So they can bear the load and turning moment in four directions respectively. The guideways' capacity of bearing the torque will increase with the increase of the center distance of the guideway. So there is a choice of TRH-F or TRS-F guideways.

”a silver linear guideway

Figure 2: A linear guideway.

4. Cost

In addition, the choice of linear guideways also needs to consider the cost savings. Linear guideways are divided into different grades according to the precision, and the price is naturally different for different precisions. Therefore, you can select guideways with corresponding precision according to actual needs.

If the requirements of the machine and equipment themselves are not high, then general precision can be selected. As for which brand to choose, it depends on whether your specific needs for the assembly are high or low.

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