Installation foundation of compressed air pipeline

Installation foundation of compressed air pipeline

Basic knowledge is very important for sheet spray work, and the same is true during equipment installation. When installing compressed air pipelines, everyone must pay attention to the following precautions:

1. When the total length of the main pipeline in the workshop is greater than 200m, in order to ensure the pressure balance of the compressed air and the sufficient air flow, the inner diameter of the pipeline should not be less than 3in (1in=25.4mm).

2. Compressed air freeze-drying equipment should be designed with backup pipelines used during equipment maintenance and equipped with compressed air check ball valves.

3. When installing the loop closed main pipe, it is recommended that the air input end should be designed with an inclination of 1 to 2° to the far end of the pipe. An automatic or artificial oil-water discharge device and oil-water collection container should be installed at the lowest end of the main pipe.

4. The compressed air main line should try to avoid sharp turns (internal angles less than 90°); if the main line needs to be fixed to the ceiling, avoid beams or various pipes; when the air line is in a "U" shape, it is recommended to A drainage device is installed at the bottom of the "U"-shaped pipe to prevent condensate in the compressed air from accumulating at the bottom of the "U"-shaped pipe.

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5. When the compressed air branch pipeline is a branch of the main pipeline, a "gooseneck" connection should be adopted to prevent the condensate in the main pipeline from directly entering the branch pipeline.

6. It is recommended to install an oil-water separator with sufficient compressed air filtration flow for each branch pipeline connected to pneumatic tools (such as: SATA 0/424 oil-water separator for pneumatic tools/pneumatic equipment) to ensure the normal operation of pneumatic tools and equipment. Extended service life.

7. In order to ensure the quality of spraying, it is recommended to install an oil-water separator for professional spraying (such as: SATA 0/444 standard) with high compressed air filtration accuracy (filtration accuracy of 0.01μm) and large air flow (air flow of 3600L/min) in the spray booth Type or SATA 0/244 economical oil-water separator).

8. It is recommended to install a drainage device (automatic drain valve or ball valve) at the end of the branch pipeline about 90-120cm away from the oil-water separator to discharge the oil-water condensate in the pipeline from time to time. This can also improve the filtration accuracy and service life of the oil-water separator.

9. In order to improve the filtering efficiency of the oil-water separator, when installing the oil-water separator, keep it as far away as possible from the air compressor, and the pipeline distance shall not be less than 30m, so that the compressed air has sufficient cooling time.

10. If you spray water-based paint, you must install an air filtration device with an activated carbon filter (such as: SATA0/484 three-section oil-water separator with activated carbon filter element), which can not only filter the oil, water and particulate matter in the compressed air, but also adsorb and compress at the same time Oil and water vapor in the air can avoid defects in the coating of water-based paint.