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Maintenance method of central air conditioning compressor

Everyone's understanding of air conditioners may only be the function and brand price of air conditioners, but they are not familiar with the internal structure and related components. How to maintain the central air conditioner compressor?

   1. What is an air conditioner compressor

  The air-conditioning compressor is used to compress and drive the refrigerant in the air-conditioning refrigerant circuit. The air conditioner compressor is generally installed in the outdoor unit. The air-conditioning compressor extracts the refrigerant from the low-pressure zone, compresses it, and then sends it to the high-pressure zone for cooling and condensation. The heat is dissipated into the air through the heat sink. The refrigerant also changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state, and the pressure increases.

   2. Central air conditioning compressor maintenance purpose

   1. Delaying corrosion: Regular cleaning of central air conditioners can effectively eliminate rust inside the machine. During the cleaning process, we will also add preservatives inside the machine, which can effectively delay the corrosion of the machine several degrees.

   2. Prevent scale: improve the cooling effect. Central air-conditioning maintenance can effectively remove the internal dirt, can make the air-conditioning pipes become more smooth, the water quality is clear, at the same time can prevent the scale and improve the cooling effect.

3. Cost saving: reduce the number of repairs and save the cost of repairs. Generally, after the central air conditioning repair and maintenance, the various systems will maintain normal operation, and the various parts will also operate normally, so that we can avoid re-maintenance , But also reduced a lot of maintenance costs.

4. Save energy and protect the environment: After the central air conditioner has been repaired and maintained, the water discharged can meet the national standard. In this way, we don’t need to install water treatment equipment again to discharge the water after water treatment, which saves money and Protect the environment in which people live.

   Three, central air conditioning compressor repair and maintenance methods

  The compressor is the core component of the refrigeration system of the central air conditioner. In order to ensure the normal operation of the central air conditioner, the daily maintenance of the compressor is very important, so how do we do it?

   1. We can open the rear shell of the central air conditioner before the air conditioner is turned on to check whether the refrigerant pressure gauge is correct.

   2. We are checking the position of the valve and the position of the drain valve is correct.

  3. We listen to the sound of the compressor during the operation of the air conditioner. Except for the sound of rising and falling, we should not hear other sounds. If we hear it, it means there is a problem with the compressor.

   4. Check if there is any air leakage. If there is, we close the exhaust valve in time to avoid communicating with the outside air.

  Central air conditioners are found in many public places or family residences. With such a wide range of applications, regular maintenance is definitely indispensable. There will be inevitable failures in the use of air conditioners. I hope that the knowledge shared with you today can help you. Of course, it is best not to fail, but this is unlikely. Only regular maintenance can reduce the probability of failure.