Rosemount Transmitter Series 1151, 2088, 2051, 3051CA, 3051S and the Differences

Rosemount pressure transmitter is a kind of general pressure transmitter. It is manufactured according to the law of electromagnetic induction and JB/T9248-1999 standard. It is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid in pipes, such as water, sewage, mud, mineral slurry, acid, alkali, salt liquid and food slurry.
It is widely used in petrochemical, mining, coal, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and other industries.

Rosemount pressure transmitters installed on pipes in a factory

Figure 1: A line of Rosemount pressure transmitters installed on factory pipes.

1. 1151 Series Transmitter

Since 1969, Rosemount 1151 series pressure transmitter and 1151 series differential pressure transmitter have made outstanding contributions to the process control industry. Today, 1151 series pressure transmitter and 1151 series differential pressure transmitter are still one of the most famous transmitters in the world.

Rosemount 1151 series intelligent capacitive transmitter is a pressure instrument based on microprocessor. Communication functionality and other features are added to the structure of traditional 1151 capacitive pressure transmitter and capacitive differential pressure transmitter. Other devices using 268 and 275 communicators or other hosts adopting HART protocol can have two-way communication with the 1151 series control room, transmitter field or anywhere in the same control loop.

There are many different types of 1151 pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters. The pressure transmitter can be used to measure differential pressure, flow, gauge pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum degree, liquid level and specific gravity.

According to the actual needs, you can contact our online customer service to determine the model of the transmitter, such as the pressure range, output mode and basic structural materials of the transmitter.

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Figure 2: Rosemount Transmitter 1151LTOA52A1AH2S5B4K5

2. 2088 Series Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 2088 pressure transmitter has excellent measurement capability and can be used in almost any field of line pressure or tank level measurement.

The Rosemount 2088 is a highly reliable and accurate transmitter with a lightweight and compact design. The 2088 calibration range can be as low as 0 to 1.5 psi (0.1 bar) or as high as 0 to 4000 psi (275.8 bar). It can also be used to measure the negative pressure range. The measurement function of 2088 can be used reliably in almost any equipment.

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Figure 3: Rosemount Transmitter 2088G4S22A1B4E5HR5

3. 2051 Series Pressure Transmitter

The Rosemount 2051 series pressure transmitters are designed for a wide range of devices.
2051 provides reliable differential pressure, gauge pressure and absolute pressure measurement through various output protocols, materials and process connectors to meet your needs of pressure, liquid level and flow measurement.

And through the flexible application requirements of CoPlanar TM platform, 2051 series can reduce the cost of your project and continuous maintenance.

Rosemount 2051 pressure transmitter provides 0.075% reference accuracy, 100:1 range ratio and 2-year stability. It adopts the common plane platform design with strong universality, which ensures the best process connection application for the pressure, flow and liquid level measurement.
With its comprehensive measurement scheme of differential pressure, gauge pressure and absolute pressure, 2051 series pressure transmitter can perfectly meet the pressure, liquid level and flow measurement needs of customers.

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Figure 4: Rosemount Transmitter 2051CD2A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5

4. 3051CA Series Absolute Differential Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount's 3051C pressure transmitter creates a new standard for pressure measurement technology. 3051 series has an unparalleled operating performance, flexible CoPlanar TM platform, and it can be upgraded.

During the measurement of 3051C, the isolation diaphragms on the high and low pressure sides and the filling liquid transmit the process pressure to the filling liquid, which will next transmit the pressure to the sensing diaphragm in the sensor center. The superior performance of the new Rosemount 3051C pressure transmitter can ensure the accuracy and stability under different working conditions.

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Figure 5: Rosemount Transmitter 3051CG2A22A1AB4

5. 3051S Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 3051S series scalable level transmitters can maximize your level measurement success by providing superior performance and industry-class reliability.
Whether it is measuring flow, liquid level or pressure, Rosemount 3051S series uses super capsule as the core to construct your measuring instrument.

This series of liquid level transmitter has integrated the world-class 3051S pressure transmitter with the direct mounting sealing device, and all its components adopt the same integral model. It has a variety of seal types, specifications, filling fluid and diaphragm materials, and can be connected with almost all process equipment.

The 3051S series incorporates the 1199 split mount seal to form a Tuned-System™ (Setting System) components, so that to achieve a cost-effective, easy to install measurement scheme for differential pressure and liquid level.

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Figure 6: Rosemount Transmitter 3051S2CD

All models of Rosemount 3051 series pressure transmitters are fieldbus transmitter. To learn more about the advantages of fieldbus transmitter, please read our another article here:
Benefits of Rosemount Fieldbus Transmitter

At present, there are four factories in the world providing original Rosemount 3051 series transmitters, and those supplying to China are Beijing Far East Rosemount Co., Ltd. and Singapore Rosemount Private Co., Ltd. And original products of 1151 series are only provided by Beijing Far East Rosemount Co., Ltd.

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