The relationship between high temperature of air compressor and air compressor

The degree to which an object is hot or cold is called temperature (heat). We know from the law of conservation of energy that work and heat can be mutually converted, and the increase in temperature everywhere in the compressor is converted from mechanical friction work and compression work. High and low ambient temperature and oil temperature have the following effects on the compressor:

1. Excessive temperature of the inhaled gas will reduce the exhaust volume;

   2. Too high gas temperature during compression will increase power consumption and reduce productivity;

  3. Excessive cylinder temperature will cause the gas valve and the lubricating oil in the piston ring to coke and lose lubrication

4. If the temperature is too high, the bearing will be burnt, and the bearing bush will not even continue to run;

5. Too high cooling water temperature will reduce the cooling effect;

  6. If the temperature of the electric motor and internal combustion engine is too high, there will be a risk of burning.

   However, the temperature should not be too low. If the cooling water temperature is lower than 0 degrees, it will freeze and affect the circulation of the cooling water, and even freeze the machine. If the temperature of the lubricating oil is too low, the viscosity of the oil will become too high and will hinder lubrication. If the temperature is too low, the internal combustion engine is not easy to start, etc.