an air cooler

Figure 1: A chiller is used for the building.

Industrial Chiller

The chiller, whose full name is the evaporative cooler, is also known as the air cooler, water-cooled air conditioner, industrial air conditioner, energy-saving, and environmental-protection air conditioner, and air conditioning fan.

Vapor compression chillers use compressors of different types. And the hermetic scroll, semi-hermetic screw, or centrifugal compressors are used most.

The power consumption per hour is only one-eighth of that of traditional air conditioners. Water-cooled air conditioners have been used in Australia, Europe, and the United States for decades of years. And they are mainly used in factories and supermarkets at the beginning. In recent years, with the emergence of chillers for home use, the functional range of air coolers is wider.

Pros of the Water-Cooled Air Conditioners

the chiller components

Figure 2: Components of a water-cooled chiller, including a condenser, an evaporator, a cooling tower, and a compressor.

Energy Saving

It consumes only 1 kWh per hour, 1/10 of the central air conditioner, and 1/8 of the traditional air conditioner, with low operating cost.

Environmental Protection

There is no freon used. In addition, it can avoid the peculiar smell, and has the advantages of ventilation, cooling, temperature regulation, humidity.

Cooling Effect

It generally regulates the temperature down to 5℃-15℃ rapidly.

Large & Far Air Supply

The maximum air supply volume per hour of each chiller is 18000 to 60000m, with large air pressure and long distance.

Refrigeration Principle

The water-cooled air conditioner adopts direct evaporative refrigeration technology that is high-efficiency. Its principle is that water absorbs heat energy in the process of evaporation, which means it absorbs the heat of the air and lowers the temperature under the condition of constant enthalpy value.

Wet Curtain Features

When the fresh air passes through the core parts of the multi-layer corrugated fiber composite wet curtain, the water on the wet curtain directly evaporates in contact with the fresh air, and the air temperature eventually reduces to close to its wet-bulb temperature.

Ventilation Principle

Outdoor fresh air is filtered and cooled by evaporative air conditioners, and continuously sent into the room. The stale air with peculiar smell, dust, and that in a high temperature is discharged out of the room to reduce the indoor temperature.

Chillers for Home Use

the huanyu chiller for home use

Figure 3: A household chiller.

The household air cooler is also called the household environmental-protection air conditioner and evaporative air cooler. Thanks to no compressor, no freon, it is an environmental protection and energy saving air conditioner whose refrigerant is water.

Its working principle is that the circulating water pump continuously pulls out of the water in the tank, through the water distribution system the water is evenly sprayed on the evaporation filter layer.

The outdoor hot air enters the evaporative cooling medium. In the exchange between the evaporative cooling medium and the wet curtain, there is a full heat exchange between the hot air and the water.

The cold clean air cooled by water evaporation and heat absorption is pressurized into the room by the low-noise fan. This evaporative cooling medium is the honeycomb filter layer of a type of special material, which makes a high cooling effect. It is a high-tech patent product from Sweden.

Advantages of Water-Cooled Air Condensers for Home Use

Low price

The price of the air cooler is cheaper than the traditional air conditioner, and that with a single cooling function is much cheaper.

Energy saving

The total power consumption of an air cooler is only 60 ~ 80W, which is equivalent to an electric fan. Although it is unable to achieve the refrigeration effect of an air conditioner, it is much stronger than the electric fan yet.


There is a layer of air filter inside the air cooler. The air can be humidified after passing through the water circulation system. The wind blown out is cool and clean air.

Purchase of the Chiller

water-cooled air conditioner for home use

Figure 4: The water-cooled air conditioner and its structure.


When you buy a chiller, you should observe whether the joints are connected tightly, whether the screws, buttons, and other small parts used are quality, whether the installation is tight, whether the contact is good.

If the purchased air cooler has problems with even the small components, the quality of the key internal components will be low-quality.


A water-cooled air conditioner is composed of various parts. And the quality of these parts is directly related to the service life and the use effect of the air cooler. Therefore, you should pay attention to the main accessories, which is the most important part of the whole selection process.


Although a product with a perfect look is not of high quality for sure, a product with high quality will certainly have a beautiful appearance. Therefore, when buying, you can touch the shell of the chiller to inspect whether there are scratches, uneven surfaces, deformation, and so on. In addition, you should check if there is an uneven distribution of pigment, spots, fog, bubbles, and other defects.


The brand is based on the combination of product quality and manufacturer's publicity. Meanwhile, manufacturers with strong brand awareness generally have long-term strategic plans, so noted brand products are more valuable.

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