Adjustment of main machine clearance of twin screw compressor

I repaired a main engine with locked rotor in the early stage. It is an EP200 model produced by Ingersoll Rand in 1997. Before I repaired it, Ingersoll Rand itself could not repair it. Because the main engine was severely deformed and the rotor and cavity Severe body adhesion.

After the joint efforts of myself and a few colleagues, it took two days to disassemble the host intact. Because the bearings and sleeves are cut out with acetylene gas, they are all very incomplete. The most terrible thing is the gap adjustment. The gasket cannot be restored, and it has no dimensions.

After my accurate calculation, the thickness of the gap washer is calculated to be 120 threads.

After the rotor has been repaired and ground, it has returned to normal vibration requirements after repeated tests of dynamic balance.

The total working hours are 6 days, and it has been operating normally for nearly 1000 hours, and the noise and exhaust volume have reached the original level. In terms of noise, I think it is better than the original level.

I hope that when you encounter a host of similar models for maintenance, the axial clearance can refer to the value I obtained above, which is definitely the most valuable.