Advantages and applicable fields of silent oil-free air compressor

Introduction to the advantages of silent oil-free air compressors and applicable fields

When it comes to air compressors, everyone seems to remember the roar of motors that have a great impact on our lives and work, and because of the shortcomings of high noise, the scope of use of air compressors has great limitations. Therefore, in line with the development of the times, like the improvement of the technological level of other industries, air compressors are also available with brand-new construction technology and working principles. It not only solves the primary noise problem, but also provides a variety of options according to the air quality requirements of air compressors used in various industries. At present, there are two basic methods: silent and oil-free and silent with oil.  

This article will focus on the advantages and application areas of the silent and oil-free method:   

Advantages of silent oil-free air compressor:   

First of all, the material of the machine itself does not contain oily substances, and there is no need to add any lubricating oil when working, so the quality of the discharged air is greatly improved, and the safety of the supporting equipment required by the user is also guaranteed. Unlike an oil compressor, because of the exhaust gas It contains a lot of oil molecules, which will cause different degrees of corrosion to the equipment provided by the user. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an oil-free silent air compressor to ensure air quality.

   Secondly, the use and maintenance of silent oil-free air compressors are also more convenient and simple than oil-free air compressors. As we all know, some oily air compressors need to be replaced or refueled regularly during use, and some air compressors have oil injection and oil leakage, which also cause pollution to the surrounding environment to varying degrees, requiring users to spend time cleaning up , This relatively increases the user's workload, which is contrary to people's willingness to use machines and equipment to improve work efficiency. Compared with this type of air compressor, the oil-free silent air compressor basically does not require the user to spend time on maintenance, because it does not need to add a drop of oil, and the fully automatic pressure sensor switch will automatically start or stop according to the amount of air you use. , Can be described as worry-saving and energy-saving. The automatic drainage device also saves users a lot of worry, so it is extremely convenient to use. The service life is also longer than that of an oil-quiet air compressor!  

After investigation: users who have used silent oil-free air compressors have expressed their willingness to recommend such air compressors to their friends!

Application field of silent oil-free air compressor:   

Divided by major industries, high-noise air compressors can only be used for simple air supply in some construction sites or industries. Of course, the premise is that there is no high requirement for noise. The silent oil-free air compressor has a very wide range of applications. In general, it can be applied as long as it is a clean air source and a quiet workplace. Here is a brief list of one or two for everyone: those with high requirements for air sources, such as the medical industry, various analytical instruments in the laboratory, and fermentation tanks, can choose to add a dryer to the machine, which can better ensure the air quality; Then some ordinary air-using equipment, such as glue dispensers and printing machines on the production line, or simply used to provide power and air drying, only need a low-noise oil-free air compressor. Users can ask the industry according to the actual situation. Experts come to get help, you can also directly explain your needs to the air compressor salesperson, and then the salesperson recommends the appropriate model of products. 

  According to industry standards: the mute value of silent oil-free air compressors must reach about 50dB, oil-free is 100% oil-free, and the water-free standard must be accurate to 0.001um. At present, due to fierce competition in the market industry, coupled with factors such as low starting point, backward process level, and unscientific product structure design of such domestic enterprises, many domestic air compressor manufacturers cannot meet industry standards at all, and the data provided is falsely reported. . Even the basic requirements such as the selection of materials, the internal treatment of the gas storage tank and the thickness of the cylinder wall cannot be guaranteed. In order to save costs, some small enterprises have many problems with their quality assurance! 

  Except for some internationally renowned brands in Germany, Denmark, Italy and other countries, such air compressors that can truly meet the standard; our domestic leading company in this industry, Shanghai Dailuo Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. independently developed and produced "DYNAIR" and "Dasheng "" brand air compressor has a high reputation and market share at home and abroad. Investigation and statistics: The company's products have won unanimous praise from users at home and abroad! Some domestic industry authorities have also conducted in-depth testing and research on the company's products, and the results show that the product quality and technical content have reached the industry's leading level. Many well-known prefecture-level universities, national-level and provincial-level research institutes, many foreign-funded drug analysis, various chemical laboratories, etc. have actively cooperated with the company. We are also proud of domestic companies that compete with international brands and have top industry standards! 

  The author's conclusion:   

If you need to use an air compressor for your work, and the environment requires quietness, and the air source needs to be clean. Then the silent oil-free air compressor is the best choice! According to their needs, users can use the search engine to search on the Internet with keywords such as "silent oil-free air compressor", "silent oil-free air compressor", and "oil-free air compressor", and they will surely find the products you are satisfied with!