Advantages of Motor Soft Starter

2023-03-11 10:31:16   By: Okmarts Technical Support
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New online soft starter without bypass contactor

Figure 1: New online soft starter.

Motor is widely applied in industry and daily life, thus people attach more importance to the starting method of motor. Generally, motor soft starter should be used when motor working power exceeds 30 kilowatts, otherwise it will seriously affect the operation of power grid and other devices and cause damage to motor itself.

What are the advantages for motor using Soft starter? Compared with traditional starting technology, soft starting technology has unparallel advantages, and specific manifestations are as follows:

Multiple Starting Modes

Soft starting technology has multiple starting mode. Relevant staff can select corresponding mode, so as to activate motor in a flexible way and avoid fixity of traditional starting technology. Staff can freely set the starting parameters of motor to achieve the best performance of motor and ensure motor is in its best operating condition, so as to better protect related equipment.

Three common modes in soft starting technology are current limiting starting, soft starting and impulse jump starting respectively. These three modes are able to cope with motor starting under any circumstance, thus relevant staff can select appropriate mode according to their production needs.

Better Protection for Motor

Three-phase air conditioner soft starter wiring diagram 380V12P

Figure 2: Three-phase air conditioner soft starter wiring diagram.

Soft starting technology can provide better protection for motor, such as protection for faults, overloads, voltage, etc. For example, once short circuit occurs, motor will be in a fault state where the voltage is too low or too high. At this time, if the soft starting technology is applied, the motor can be better protected, so that the motor can be in a normal working state, more serious consequences will be avoided.

During the process of applying soft starting technology, the work of the motor equipment can also be automatically detected, and various working data of the motor can be obtained, so as to provide an accurate reference for the relevant staff to evaluate the running state of the motor. At the same time, in case of any fault of the motor equipment, applying soft start technology can also automatically analyze the cause of the fault, so that the maintenance personnel can repair the equipment better and faster, and effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

Ensuring Smooth Operation of Motor

the wiring diagram of bypass type motor soft starter

Figure 3: The wiring diagram of bypass type motor soft starter.

Using soft starting technology can ensure stable operation of motor. Even if there is any problem with motor, better repairment can be ensured. Besides, since the large current of the soft starter has no contacts, it can effectively avoid the problem of poor contact and ensure the smooth operation of the motor.

Energy Saving

Using soft starting technology can effectively conserve energy. Since soft starter does not fall within electrical equipment, only realize control function, and has fast starting time, it is customary that soft starter automatically closes after completing starting. Though soft starting technology has no energy conservation function, this technology can reduce the power motor demands in an effective way, and better conserve endless loss of power transformer, greatly exerting indirect energy conservation.

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