Common failures of dryers of air compressor accessories

Common failures of dryers for air compressor accessories and equipment

The dryer is an important part of the air compressor accessory system and plays an irreplaceable role in the operation of the air compressor. Once the dryer fails, we must immediately organize personnel to repair the dryer.

Symptom 1: The compressor does not start

Incorrect wiring The voltage is too low, the starting capacitor damages the relay or the contactor does not close, the starting winding is open and the phase is missing

Symptom 2: Exhaust pressure is too high

The amount of refrigerant is too much. The air condenser in the refrigeration system is dirty. The ambient temperature is too high. The fan pressure switch is faulty. The fan motor is faulty. The fan rotation direction is not correct.

Trouble phenomenon 3: Relay burns out

The voltage is too high or too low, the capacitor is not running correctly, repeated start and stop (refer to 2 and 3) the relay specifications do not match the mounting seat is incorrect

Symptom 4: The compressor starts and stops repeatedly due to overload protection action Low voltage or three-phase unbalanced overload protector is connected to an air compressor. "Other electrical equipment overload protectors fail to run. Capacitors are too small. Exhaust pressure is too high. Short circuit between windings. Thermal relay contacts are stuck tightly.

Fault phenomenon five: the dryer does not run

The compressor circuit is disconnected, the fuse is blown, the thermal relay is activated, the high-pressure switch is activated, and the compressor is blocked or loose.

Symptom 6: The capacitor burns out

Specifications do not match the voltage is too high

Symptom 7: The dryer stops within a short time after starting

The ambient temperature is too high, the condenser is blocked? The compressor is overloaded, the refrigerant is lacking, the low pressure is too low, the intake air volume is too large, the compressor is stuck

Symptom 8: Exhaust pressure is too low

The amount of refrigerant is too low. The fan pressure switch is faulty.