Analysis on How to Protect Technology Property Rights in Hardware and Electrical Industry

At present, the German court has pronounced that Apple has infringed on Motorola’s two patented wireless communications technologies and prohibited the sale of products using these two technologies in Germany. It is reported that this dispute involves the “countdown function during the mobile transmission of the packet wireless system”. Two patents for the implementation method' and the'synchronous cooperation system and method under multiple paging states'. Motorola applied for these two patents in the United States as early as the 1990s.

Although Apple has a strong advantage in digital products, and there are many "fruit fans" within the scope of q*, it is still inevitable that Apple will be sanctioned and suffer corresponding losses due to patent disputes. It can be seen that intellectual property rights are related to the company. The company’s foothold and survival and development will not tolerate any infringement, no matter whether it is a small business or a big brand.

The protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises has been a common topic. For a long time, many media voices and articles have advocated enterprises to protect their intellectual property rights and not to infringe. However, in the hardware and electromechanical industry, intellectual property disputes are still abound. The general lack of corporate awareness of rights protection and the lack of effective rights protection methods have led to rampant counterfeiting in the hardware and electromechanical market, seriously disrupting market order, and bringing economic benefits to many companies. And image loss.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the hardware and electromechanical market, technological innovation has often become the key to the success of enterprises. For technical enterprises, especially for high-tech enterprises, enterprises must rely on science and technology to survive and develop. Therefore, intellectual property rights Protection is particularly important.

In this regard, the editor of aims at the hardware and electromechanical industry and summarizes the following aspects, hoping to provide some effective reference for hardware and electromechanical enterprises.

1. Hardware and electromechanical enterprises must establish awareness of protecting intellectual property rights

Maintaining the awareness of intellectual property rights is not only as simple as knowing to protect rights, or just applying for a few patented products. To establish the awareness of protecting intellectual property rights requires companies to fundamentally change their concepts, and companies should treat intellectual property rights as a commodity. A kind of asset to operate, realize the importance of intellectual property rights for enterprises to participate in market competition and create value. In turn, we can truly attach importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and carry out the protection of intellectual property rights from all aspects.

2. Enterprises need to have a more professional understanding of the content of intellectual property protection

There is a certain knowledge base for enterprise name protection, patent applications, registered trademarks, trade secrets, etc. This will help enterprises to carry out rights protection work in a timely manner, and also help enterprises to timely transform scientific and technological innovation achievements into intellectual property rights. Enterprises also need to understand relevant laws and regulations, and in the event of disputes, they must protect their rights and interests in accordance with the intellectual property law.

3. Enterprises need to improve the internal intellectual property protection system

Enterprises should promote the awareness of property rights protection and common sense to their internal employees. Enterprises with conditions can set up special intellectual property management institutions to help enterprises create and maintain intellectual property rights with higher efficiency and objectively. Promote the better development of enterprises.

In view of the rampant counterfeit products in the hardware and electromechanical market, the editor of believes that the brand strategy is of great significance for companies to maintain intellectual property rights. Due to the low brand awareness, some high-quality hardware and electromechanical products will inevitably encounter a crisis of trust and suffer losses after being counterfeited or imitated. Conversely, if a company makes its brand bigger and stronger, even if the products on the market are mixed, as long as consumers recognize the brand, the company's interests can be guaranteed.