Hiroki Iwamoto Kobelco Compressor Strategic Center has been moved to China

Hiroki Iwamoto, general manager of Kobelco Compressor Shanghai Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with Xinmin.com reporters a few days ago: "The production, sales and service of compressors will be centered on China in the past 10 years."

Japanese Kobe Steel Works was established in 1905, involving industries such as steel, welding, mechanical engineering, and power supply. Steel products, high-tensile steel plates are used in automobiles, ships, airplanes and other fields. Especially for automobile valve spring steel, one of every two cars in the world uses Kobelco products.

"Our customer base is all kinds of electrical and electronic manufacturing and automobile manufacturing companies. We provide compressor production, sales and services. In 2000, Kobelco Compressor established a sales and after-sales service company in China, and in 2005 built its own manufacturing plant." , Hiroki Iwamoto talked about the concept of "localization" with Xinmin.com reporters, said: "In the past five years, we have started production localization and sales localization." Hiroki Iwamoto introduced two energy-saving models such as the Shenshi kobelion II manufactured by the Shanghai factory: "Our energy-saving and environmental protection concepts have been integrated into localized manufacturing. The environmentally friendly, oil-free models are high-end models that do not use lubricants. Model, localized production in China, and will expand in the future."

   On the issue of cost reduction, Hiroki Iwamoto said that since this year, China has introduced a two-tax merger policy, and foreign companies and Chinese local companies face the same taxes. Kobelco compressors are produced and sold locally to relieve cost pressures according to local market needs. Regarding the trend of rising steel prices, Hiroki Iwamoto said that he would use management measures and reduce waste to deal with steel price fluctuations.