Copeland compressor semi-closed series product introduction

L, C, 3S, 4S, 6S Copeland semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors are high-quality and high-performance products produced by advanced technology and equipment. The air-cooled condenser adopts secondary flanged fins and mechanical tube expansion technology. High-quality and efficient copper tube aluminum fin heat exchanger produced. This unit is compact in structure, excellent in performance, and reliable in quality. The main technical parameters of each series of air-cooled condensing units. The air-cooled units in the table below are equipped with large fan blades and low-speed axial fans with large air volume, low noise, Feature of small number of fans.

Each series of air-cooled compression condensing units is composed of semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, air-cooled condensers, liquid receivers, filter driers, pressure gauges, pressure controllers, etc. Copeland semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors are high-quality and high-quality products produced by Emerson Environmental Optimization Technology (Shenyang) Refrigeration Co., Ltd. with advanced technology and equipment.


1. High volumetric efficiency: the pressure difference between the adjacent crescent-shaped spaces of the scroll compressor is small, the leakage is small, there is no steam suction and exhaust valve, the resistance is small, and there is no re-expansion of the clearance volume.

2. High adiabatic efficiency: Under the same cooling capacity, the vortex compressor is about 10% higher than the reciprocating compressor.

3. Low noise and small vibration of the whole machine

4. Copeland compressor has a solid cast iron body to provide a large heat dissipation area to improve the cooling effect of the compressor, and uses a lightweight aluminum piston to reduce friction and vibration, and has a cutting-edge electronic protective film block that can provide comprehensive motor protection.