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Figure 1: A businessman is working under the cooling of.

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Summer is so difficult to spend that people without the air conditioner are like fish out of water. It’s critical to choose a good air conditioner.

Now it is a competitive society with fierce competition in all industries, including the air conditioning industry. But when it comes to choosing between Mitsubishi and Panasonic, people are always wavering to give an answer. Here is to introduce the related information of Mitsubishi and Panasonic.


Mitsubishi is a company integrating the development, production, sales and service of air conditioners. Its business covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The annual capacity of household air conditioners exceeds 60 million units and commercial air conditioners 5.5 million.

Since 2005, Mitsubishi’s production and sales have been leading the world for 7 years, and it is a good air conditioner brand in people's minds. However, until now, the main series sold by Mitsubishi are split air conditioners. Compared with global air conditioner brands, the core of Mitsubishi is still in the residential split air conditioner and the cabinet type.

mitsubishi air conditioner

Figure 2: Mitsubishi multi-split air conditioner.


Panasonic Corporation has two listed companies and four major industrial groups, which is China's planned production base and export base of appliances. Panasonic air conditioners for home use have always been the top export. Panasonic has also won a national quality award. It ranks high in the air conditioning profession.

Comparison of Mitsubishi & Panasonic

In terms of air conditioning, Mitsubishi is professional and accounts for a high market share. The quality and efficiency are both very nice.

The price of Panasonic’s air conditioners is not high. And the introduction of Toshiba’s leading factory production and management mode and Six Sigma methodology, and sharing laboratory groups for quality inspection with the exports to Japan, make its quality and skills more excellent.

In the frequency conversion category, Panasonic uses Toshiba's sophisticated skills, and the brand image is very good.

panasonic air conditioner

Figure 3: Panasonic high-end air conditioner.

Air conditioners can be of great use to us in either hot summer or cold winter. There are various brands of air conditioners on the market, and many people do not understand the performance of each air conditioner. Then we will take you to have a look at the Mitsubishi and Panasonic air conditioners.

Evaluation of Mitsubishi

Frequency Conversion Independent Dry Mode

Mitsubishi has improved the refrigeration problem of previous air conditioners while dehumidifying. This mode can ensure that the temperature does not drop when drying.

Special MoveEye Function

The function can automatically switch the air supply’s angle of the air conditioner according to the location of the person, and adjust the temperature setting at any time by detecting the activity state of the person.

That thoughtful design is very practical. Therefore, users can choose the function to meet their personal requirements, so as to achieve a more comfortable sense of body.

mitsubishi moveeye series

Figure 4: A Mitsubishi air conditioner with a MoveEye function.

Front Panel and Air Deflector

The front panel and air deflector can be pulled out, which provides great convenience for daily cleaning. In addition, the filter screen after mildew treatment, can avoid mildew indoor air pollution in the wet season, and the filter screen can support water washing.

Panasonic Evaluating

Large Diameter Penetration Fan

This kind of fan has powerful large blades to heat its feet, which can prevent the warm wind from rising when heating, and avoid the cold wind blowing directly to the body when cooling, so that the cold wind can fall naturally from the outlet.

Nano-Ion Water and Nano-Ion Technology

Panasonic’s unique Nano-Ion water and nano-ion technology appear simultaneously in the new VE series air conditioner. Nano-Ion water technology is good at deodorizing.

At the same time, the nano-ion can keep indoor and the air conditioner clean by absorbing PM2.5 and miscellaneous bacteria that float in the air and permeate inside fibers such as curtains.

Frequency Converter Stepless Sinusoidal Technology

Panasonic VE series air conditioners are equipped with a new generation of frequency converter stepless sinusoidal technology, which overcomes the problem of the original frequency converter due to the deviation between the current waveform and the motor voltage waveform. By keeping the two waveforms in line, it will achieve a strong, smooth start.

panasonic aircon of split type

Figure 5: Panasonic split type air conditioner, including the indoor unit, outdoor unit, and a remote control.

Besides, the 6-stage motor enables the air conditioner to run more smoothly and at higher speeds than before. The aluminum heat accumulator, refrigerant heater and antifreeze heater added to the compressor can cooperate each other to effectively utilize the waste heat energy to ensure a strong heating capacity in the case of the ultra-low temperature outdoors.


It’s recommended that if you have a good budget and want to experience the sense of technology, you can choose Mitsubishi products, and Panasonic if you want a better price.

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