Provide compressed air without oil, water and dust

The drying effect is achieved through the principle of pressure swing adsorption. Not only can it be matched with a small air compressor, but it can also meet the needs of local users with special requirements behind the large air compressor, so as to avoid the high air quality requirements of individual points and the high configuration of the entire equipment to save investment. It is also an ozone generator, packaging machinery, spraying, painting, equipment, three-coordinate measuring machines, processing centers, dust collectors, test equipment, plastics, dryers, cable inflators, microwave systems, radar systems, broadcast transmission systems, medical and Ideal ancillary equipment for dental equipment, pneumatics, components and meters, electronic chip testing, laboratories, etc.

1. Compact design and small size, wall-mounted installation

2. Less moving parts and almost maintenance-free during operation

3. All stainless steel manufacturing

4. Choose high-quality adsorbents and pneumatic components

5. The gas compression device in the uniform sub-tower of the diffuser maintains the long life of the adsorbent

6. There are adsorbent loading and unloading ports, easy to replace after years of use

7. Large-capacity exhaust silencer to minimize noise

8. The circuit control is fully automatic, simple and reliable;

   Technical parameters: processing capacity; 0.04—3m³;  /min; pressure 0.4—1.0Mpa; dew point -40℃~-70℃