The high-voltage inverter market has huge potential, expecting technological breakthroughs

The high-voltage inverter has a significant energy saving effect. Without changing the host equipment, only changing the speed can achieve an average power saving effect of 30%. Among them, the average energy saving rate of petroleum system is 38%, petrochemical system 46%, metallurgical system 42%, urban water supply and drainage system 45%, chemical industry System 24%. The total installed capacity of China's fan, water pump, and compressor systems is about 160 million kilowatts, and the annual power consumption is nearly 500 billion kilowatt hours. By changing the adjustment method, the system can save 10-15% of power, about 50 billion to 70 billion kilowatt hours. From the perspective of speed control effect, frequency conversion speed control technology is the best speed control technology. It has the widest speed control range, which can reach 100% to 5%, and the speed control accuracy is the highest, which can reach ±0.5%. Therefore, driven by the policy of energy saving and emission reduction, the domestic high-voltage inverter market will continue to show a trend of high growth.

Stimulated by huge market demand, China's high-voltage inverter market has grown rapidly. In 2005, the market scale of high-voltage inverters was approximately 1.09 billion yuan, and in 2008 it had reached 3.4 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of more than 40%. According to the forecast of "2009 China's High Voltage Inverter Market Research Report": in 2012, my country's high-voltage inverter market will reach 15 billion yuan, and the market growth rate in the next few years will remain at a relatively high level of more than 40%.

An expert in the field of frequency conversion in China said: The energy-saving projects of the motor system in the ten key energy-saving projects will have corresponding hard indicators every year, which will definitely stimulate the demand for high-voltage inverters. Although there has been a decline in the short term, the market will see It has huge potential and broad application prospects. The frequency converter market in China will not be saturated until at least 10 years, and the overall market potential is between 120 billion yuan and 180 billion yuan. According to the current average price estimate of about 800 yuan per kW of high-voltage inverter, regardless of the need for new high-voltage motors in the future, the potential market for high-voltage inverters is as high as 81.2 billion yuan, and the application prospects are broad. The average annual growth rate of the market capacity of the inverter industry from 2000 to 2008 was more than 15%.

Studies have pointed out that by 2012, the market capacity of my country's high-voltage inverter is expected to reach about 8.8 billion yuan. The huge market space has naturally attracted the attention of all parties. According to incomplete estimates, there are currently more than 20 major manufacturers in the domestic high-voltage inverter market. Domestic brands have developed rapidly. In recent years, a large number of companies with obvious competitive advantages have emerged, such as Lead Huafu, Hekang Yisheng, and Rongxin. The current domestic brand market share has exceeded 50%.

The market for high-voltage inverters is still in great demand, but foreign-funded enterprises have always taken the lead. Breaking the monopoly of foreign companies in high-power and ultra-high-power high-voltage inverters is currently the focus of the development of domestic electrical companies. The power devices used in high-voltage inverters have always been the bottleneck of China's high-voltage inverter technology development.