The pharmaceutical industry's requirements for compressed air quality are so rigorous!

The compressed air of pharmaceutical companies is mainly used for filling machines in liquid preparations, granulators, pulping machines, filling machines, packaging machines, printing machines in solid preparations, extraction tanks in the extraction process, and in addition Trial gas, powder material transportation, drying, blowing and purging, pneumatic instrument components, automatic control gas, etc.

Because the compressed air used in the preparation is in direct contact with the medicine, the compressed air must be purified; it must be verified to prove that the system meets the production requirements; it must also pass the GMP certification inspection and the 100% oil-free compressed air for Class 0 oil-free For the certification, the air for preparations such as drying and pressing must control the content of oil, water, solid particles and biological particles in the compressed air, and also require no odor. The gas used for the instrument is mainly used for pneumatic instruments and precision (pressure, flow) regulators. Except that it does not control biological particles and does not require odorlessness, other control items and preparations use the same gas.

  The general requirements for the quality index of preparation gas: The compressed air used in manufacturing and process operations including sterilization process should be:

   (1) Supplied by oil-free air compressors, oil- and gas-free, except for those discharged in uncontrolled environmental areas.

   (2) In order to prevent condensation water from appearing in the pipe, the air must be dehumidified.

   There are oil-free screw air compressors and water screw air compressors on the market now. The following compare these two equipment:

1. Water screw compressor: Everyone knows well about the oil injection screw, why the oil injection screw finally discharges the oil, the main reason is that the oil injection screw structure has an oil and gas separator core, and the effect of the oil and gas separator is poor after long-term operation. Lubricating oil will run out. The principle of the water screw compressor is similar to that of the oil-injected screw, except that water is used to seal the screw rotor, as shown in Figure: 12, the water cylinder is used to separate air and water, and the principle of the oil-injected screw Similarly, the water and air in the compressed air are separated, but after a long time the effect of the water separator is poor, water will appear at the exhaust terminal. The equipment has very high requirements on the pipeline, and the long-term high temperature circulation of the water in the circulation pipeline will pollute , The screw rotor will be immersed in water for a long time, there will be bacteria breeding, and the pharmaceutical industry has higher requirements for oil-free and water-free sterile compressed air, so it cannot meet the requirements of pharmaceuticals. There will be no water screw in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. , Water screw air compressors are generally used in the textile industry, because the textile industry itself does not require water.

The pharmaceutical industry's requirements for compressed air quality are so "rigorous"!

2. Oil-free screw compressor: Oil-free screw air compressor is also known as dry-type oil-free compressor. Dry-type oil-free is the medium that does not produce any oil between the screw rotors. It is sealed by the rotor coating. You may Ask, why is there an oil circuit? The oil is used to lubricate the gearbox and bearings. The entire oil circuit shows no contact with compressed air, so as to achieve true zero oil-free compressed air and protect the customer's final product from any oil mist and water pollution. The compressed air is 100% oil-free. Only oil-free air compressors can produce oil-free compressed air. Regardless of whether the production activities take place in pharmaceuticals, food, precision electronics, or similar industrial situations, avoiding danger is a must. This is why the solution of oil-free compressed air is used. Oil-free air compressors are used where high-purity compressed air is required. No oil means no danger, no danger of pollution, no danger of damaging the product or causing unsafe products, and no loss caused by production shutdown.