The sealing problem of scroll type automobile air-conditioning compressor

During the mutual movement between the end face of the scroll tooth and the bottom of the scroll plate of the oil-free scroll compressor, the sealing and lubrication function of the end face of the tooth will be affected due to the inability to form an oil film. Radial clearance and axial clearance are prone to occur on the end face of the scroll tooth. The circumferential leakage through the radial clearance and the radial leakage of the axial clearance are very serious when there is no oil. At the same time, the end face of the scroll tooth and the bottom of the scroll The frictional power loss increases, which will seriously affect the performance of the oil-free scroll compressor.

In motion, a sealing groove is opened on the top of the scroll teeth of the static scroll, and a sealing strip made of self-lubricating material is placed in the sealing groove to seal the radial gas leakage through the axial gap. At the same time, the bottom plane of the scroll Add wear-resistant plate, it can reduce the friction power loss between the top of the scroll tooth and the bottom of the scroll.  

The sealing strip works in a high-pressure, high-speed, and high-temperature environment. At the same time, under the condition of no oil lubrication, the sealing strip material should meet the requirements of good thermal conductivity, small friction factor, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength, and stable performance. Filled PTFE has the characteristics of low friction factor, good wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc., and is widely used in the oil-free lubrication design and technical transformation of positive displacement compressors! 

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Relative density  


Operating temperature/℃  


Tensile Strength/MPa  


Thermal decomposition temperature/℃  


Friction factor 


Flexural modulus/MPa  


Self-friction coefficient 




Appearance and texture  

The appearance is smooth, black, uniform texture, no cracks, visible impurities