a fridge is opened on the floor

Figure 1: A refrigerator.

The compressor is the soul of the whole refrigerator. If the compressor of the refrigerator is faulty, it will lead to the abnormal operation of the refrigerator and affect the cooling effect. If the compressor of the refrigerator is damaged, what is the specific performance? Refrigerator power consumption is relatively large, and what factors are related?

Signs of a Bad Refrigerator Compressor

The internal lifting ring is broken. After opening the refrigerator, there will be a sound. When the compressor exceeds its load, it hums and stops.

No matter which phenomenon appears, it will affect the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator, and the food inside will deteriorate.

A damaged compressor generally leads to no refrigeration effect, or refrigeration efficiency decline.

Test your compressor. The detection of compressor efficiency includes the inspection of suction and exhaust sealing performance. During the maintenance of the refrigerator, if the compressor starts normally, the cooling effect is poor after charging the refrigerant, and the refrigeration system is normal. Then it is necessary to detect the compression efficiency, and the vacuuming performance.

Test the motor performance. The circuit breaking of the windings is detected respectively. The motor running windings resistance (Rmc) is between 10 ~ 20 Ω, the starting windings resistance (Rsc) is between 30 ~ 50 Ω, and the resistance between the two windings is the sum of the two (Rms=Rmc+Rsc).

A refrigerator is a common household appliance, generally used for storing fresh foods. But the long use time of the refrigerator will also lead to all sorts of problems, such as the overheat of the refrigerator compressor, or the lack of cooling effect.

First, the performance of the refrigerator compressor is affected.

If the compressor inside makes an abnormal sound after the refrigerator is energized, it will show that the spring collapses, the core collides with the shell. At this time, the compressor resonance is strong, it must be sent to the maintenance department for repair.

Or if the compressor makes the sound during the starting or running process, it may mean that the output buffer pipe is broken, discharging high-pressure gas with a sound.

If the compressor makes noise, and the idle contact jump sound, it will be the overload of the compressor. In the power system, the voltage is too low to cause starting contact not to pull off and the sharp increase in the idle current. You must regularly check if the starter relay contact is too dirty, and it is serious contact ablation.

Observe the temperature of the refrigerator. After the refrigerator is energized to run for a period of time, you can touch the refrigerator compressor with your hand.

Second, the refrigerator compressor is very hot but not cooling.

The refrigerator compressor is very hot but not refrigeration, which may be because the high pressure output buffer pipe inside the compressor is broken, or the screw is loose, causing the high pressure pipe to fail to exhaust, the low pressure pipe to fail to suction, so the compressor is running but not refrigeration.

If the refrigeration system leaks, the compressor is running at this time, but there is no heat absorption of the refrigerant in the system, so the temperature in the refrigerator does not drop.

If the capillary is blocked, the refrigerant cannot enter the evaporator, so the temperature in the refrigerator does not drop.

* Solution

First of all, it is necessary to regularly check the plug in the socket, and whether there is electricity in the socket.

Secondly, check the refrigerator temperature controller regularly to see whether there is a circuit breaker phenomenon.

Then inspect if the refrigerator system lacks the refrigerant.

Finally, periodically check whether the compressor starter is damaged.


Figure 2: The compressor starter.

Thirdly, the refrigerator compressor has been buzzing.

It is difficult to start the compressor if the power grid voltage is too low. The connection of socket, fuse, plug and other components and wires is loose, resulting in on-off.
Capacitor capacity is seriously insufficient or failed.

* Solution

First measure the power supply voltage, when it is less than 20% of the rated voltage, you may install an automatic voltage regulator.

You should check the connection and contact of the fuse, plug and socket, and repair or replace those that do not meet the requirements.

Replace the capacitor directly.

a capacitor used in the compressor

Figure 3: A capacitor.

Reason Why Refrigerators not Cooling

It is found that the cooling effect of the refrigerator is not good. It may be due to the failed refrigeration compressor. We need to remove the return pipe and block its outlet to see if the pressure is normal. If there is a problem with the compressor, it may not be able to start.

If the refrigerator is not cooling, it may be directly related to the lack of Freon. We need to ask professional personnel for help. At the same time, we also need to check whether there is any internal leakage, such as cracks or fractures in the pipeline.

Besides, it may also be because that the defroster has been damaged, the interior has been frozen, and the ice is not cleaned up in time. There is the phenomenon of ice blocking, affecting the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator.

You need to remove all the ice inside, and care about how you use the refrigerator. For example, if the food has not been completely cooled, it should not be put in the refrigerator, otherwise it will easily freeze.

The refrigerator compressor is the heart of the appliance If it fails, it will directly lead to a variety of problems in the refrigerator, and it may strike in the end. Therefore, we need to find the fault of the compressor in time, and then solve it accordingly.

Heavy Hum of the Refrigerator

In the hot summer, the influence of other heat sources causes the environmental temperature to rise.

Too much cold storage and frozen food.

The refrigerator door is not tightly closed, or there is serious air leakage, resulting in large evaporation of cooling capacity.

The refrigerator is opened many times.

* Solution

You should check the compressor load by accurately measuring the current and installing the pressure gauge. If it is overloaded, you'll have to store less food, and open the refrigerator less often and for less time.

How to Tell if the Refrigerator Compressor is Damaged

You should plug in the refrigerator socket. If you hear the refrigerator humming, after two or three minutes to hear a clicking sound, the compressor protector will be normal.

You should remove the compressor starter, pick it up and shake it. If there is a clattering sound, it proves that the starter is damaged. If not, the compressor is damaged.

Besides, look at its cooling effect, current, high-pressure pipe, low-pressure pipe.

Check if there is a hard fault, such as electric leakage. You should power it after the jump of the power switch. If the compressor does not rotate, heat protection will be disconnected. You should change the starter. If it still does not work, it is the compressor damage.

Examine whether there are soft faults, including internal high pressure leakage. The inspection steps are to cut the pipeline and power it on, test the exhaust volume, and block the high pressure exhaust port by hand until it is not blocked.

Only the motor windings in the compressor can be measured. There are two resistance values added up to the third resistance value.

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