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ENC has successfully launched a wide range of stable, accurate, efficient and safe frequency inverters. With independent intellectual property rights, the products performance can meet the wide requirements of various clients.

1.EN500 Series multi-function universal vector frequency inverter

ENC EN500 Series VFD is applied to metalworking, plastic machinery, CNC machine tools, printing equipment, printing and dyeing industry, paper making, municipal engineering, water supply project and sewage treatment and other industries. ENC EN500 Series VFD is also widely demanded in the fields of textile, refrigeration, cement, ceramics, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mining and so on.

2.EN600 series high performance flux vector type frequency inverter

ENC EN600 Series VFD can quickly limit impact current, and could be widely used in high-end manufacturing. This frequency drive with high control precision, fast response, superior low frequency characteristic, intelligent detection and protection, has a wide range of network function and friendly user habits, abundant peripheral bus expansion, terminal expansion, relay expansion, analog expansion etc.

3.EDS800 series mini frequency inverter

EDS800 series mini frequency drives are characterized by compact size, convenient operation, abundant I/O interface with multiple control. This kind of ENC variable frequency drives are suitable for food machine, wire drawing machine, printing machine, industrial air condition, textile machine, water supply device & allied, plastic, chemical fiber, color steel tile, ceramic production line & allied etc.

4.EDS900 series mini general frequency inverter

EDS900 series mini general VFD integrates practical PID regulator, simple PLC, programmable input and output terminal control, automatic voltage regulator (AVR), precise current control function, rotation speed tracking function, button lock function, remote synchronous control and other strong functions. This ENC variable frequency drives provide high-integration solutions for equipment manufacturer & automatic engineering customers.