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Bristol Compressor H73A623DBEA

Bristol Compressor H73A463DBEA

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Height: 371cm
Port Connection Method: Screw
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Bristol Compressor H23B223DBEA, okmarts online

Product Description



 Bristol Compressor




 R407C R404A-R507


 Fourth Generation




 RLA 6.3


 United States


 LRA 45


 Brand new


 MCC 13


 Refrigeration compressor

 Cooling capacity:


 Application range:

 Refrigeration parts

 Oil volume:



 Stainless steel



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Bristol Compressor H73A463DBEA, okmarts onlineBristol Compressor H73A463DBEA, okmarts online

Installation Process

refrigeration compressors in stock, Packing & Shipping, okmarts online

1. Check whether the refrigerating oil of the original compressor is too dirty. If the oil is too dirty, the system must be cleaned with nitrogen and the dry filter must be replaced.

2. Check whether the contacts of the compressor operation control AC contactor are stuck or have poor contact, causing the compressor to run out of phase. If the compressor is damaged in the coil winding, the AC contactor of the same model must be replaced.

3. Check and protect the circuit. The high and low pressure switch is in the closed state in the normal refrigerant compression state, the high pressure limit is less than or equal to 2.2Mpa, and the low pressure is more than or equal to 0.28Mpa.

4. Check whether the radiator is too dirty and must be cleaned.

5. Check whether the original equipment has refrigerant pressure, and repair it if the refrigerant is leaking.

refrigeration compressors in stock, Packing & Shipping, okmarts online

1. Disconnect the power supply.

2. Disassemble the compressor and check its old compressor.

3. Nitrogen cleaning system, steps, disassemble the filter and blow in nitrogen from the inlet of the radiator, discharge from the outlet of the radiator, then blow in from the inlet of the filter, release from the return pipe of the compressor, and repeat cleaning several times.

4. Install the new compressor and weld the new filter.

5. Use nitrogen to pressure, 2.0Mpa pressure for leak detection for 30 minutes.

6. Circuit check and replace damaged parts, check power supply and control circuit.

7. Clean the radiator.

8. Vent the nitrogen and evacuate for 30 minutes.

9. Add the same type of refrigerant

10. Power-on debugging, check the compressor current and voltage, the normal pressure of the refrigerant, high pressure 1.7Mpa, low pressure 0.45Mpa, the refrigerant charge is expected to be 0.7kg/hp (10-30hp).

Packing & Shipping

refrigeration compressors in stock, Packing & Shipping, okmarts online

Q: What means of transportation?

A: It can be shipped by air to the nearest international airport or by courier like DHL, TNT to your address; if it's not urgently required, they can also be shipped by sea to the nearest sea port.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Usually, if it is in stock, it will take 5 to 10 days. Or, if there is no stock, it is 15-20 days, depending on the quantity.

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The range of products and services covers compressed air and gas equipment, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems, as well as related after-sales service and leasing services. Bristol is the world's leading provider of industrial production solutions. Its products are: oil-free screw air compressors, Bristol air compressors, micro-oil air compressors, oil-injected air compressors, oil-free air compressors, medium and high pressure air compressors, mobile air compressors, frequency conversion air compressors Machine, air compressor post-processing, air compressor consumables.

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