(1) No brush, low interference

When the brush is removed from the brushless motor, the most direct change is that there is no electric spark generated when the brushless motor is running, which greatly reduces the interference of electric spark to the remote control radio equipment.

(2) Low noise and smooth operation

Without the brush, the friction of the brushless motor is greatly reduced, the operation is smooth, and the noise is much lower. This advantage is a huge support for the stability of the model.

(3) Long life and low maintenance cost

Less brush, the wear of brushless motor is mainly in the bearing, from a mechanical point of view, brushless motor is almost a maintenance free motor, when necessary, just do some dust removal maintenance. From the comparison, we can know the advantages of brushless motor compared with brushless motor, but everything is not absolute. Brush motor has excellent low-speed torque performance, large torque and other performance characteristics, which can not be replaced by brushless motor. However, in terms of the convenience of using brushless motor, with the declining trend of the cost of brushless controller and the development of brushless technology at home and abroad, the market is competitive In recent years, the brushless power system is in the stage of rapid development and popularization, which also greatly promotes the development of model motion.



(1) Big friction, big loss

There is a problem when they used to play with brush motor, that is, after using the motor for a period of time, they need to turn on the motor to clean the carbon brush of the motor, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the maintenance intensity is no less than a family cleaning.

(2) High fever and short service life

Due to the structure of the brush motor, the contact resistance of the brush and commutator is very large, which causes the overall resistance of the motor to be large and easy to generate heat. The permanent magnet is a thermal element. If the temperature is too high, the magnetic steel will demagnetize, which will degrade the performance of the motor and affect the life of the brush motor.

(3) Low efficiency, low output power

The heating problem of the brush motor mentioned above is largely due to the work done by the current on the internal resistance of the motor, so the electric energy is largely converted into heat energy, so the output power of the brush motor is not large, and the efficiency is not high.




Brushless motor is also a kind of equipment that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. By consuming electrical energy, mechanical energy can be obtained. In general, what is the use of brushless motor? It can be used in the small appliance industry, such as the common electric fan, in fact, the brushless motor will convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, the electric fan will rotate, will bring you a cool feeling. The lawn mower in the garden industry actually uses brushless motor. In addition, the electric drill in the electric tool industry also uses brushless motor. In fact, the role of brushless motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, so that it can play a role in everyone's life and improve the quality of life.



Service life:

The service life of brushless motor is usually tens of thousands of hours, but due to different bearings, the service life of brushless motor is also very different.

First of all, three factors are related to the brushless motor itself: 1. Bearing life (once the bearing is damaged, the bearing needs to be replaced) 2. Demagnetization of magnetic steel (this is helpless, unless you can magnetize) 3. Coil problem (generally aging time is more than 10 years, how to avoid coil aging? This requires that the temperature of the coil should not be too high, and ensure good heat dissipation, so as to extend its service life. Of course, overheating and combustion also belong to this category.) Obviously, bearing and coil are very important to the life of brushless motor. It’s a wrong idea that small motors occupy a small position in the equipment and are very inconspicuous. If the quality of the motor you purchased is bad and the quality of the components (such as bearings and coils) used in the low-end brand motor is poor, the motor should be replaced. Once there is a problem, the bearing coil of the motor should be replaced .

Second, environmental factors, brushless DC motor should be used in a ventilated, dry, non corrosive environment with normal air temperature and pressure. If there is corrosive gas and high humidity in the harsh environment, it is easy to damage the electrical and mechanical properties of the motor due to environmental factors. Therefore, the corresponding motor protection measures must be taken according to the environmental conditions. So, when asked how long a brushless motor can last? This is not a good arbitrary answer, because its service life is really related to many factors. Of course, a good motor in quality is bound to be more durable than a poor one.

Finally, due to the different technical level of the personnel who operate the brushless motor, unexpected errors will occur when operating the motor, such as stopping immediately after starting. Overload start; fault start will damage the brushless motor, thus affecting its service life. Although many advantages of brushless motor attract more and more users, Bianxiao still strongly recommends that if users know nothing about brushless motor, they should use familiar motor or use it under the guidance of motor manufacturer.