The output power of Panasonic AC servo motor is generally 0.1-100 W, and the power frequency is divided into 50 Hz, 400 Hz, etc. It is widely used in various automatic control and recording systems

1.Miniaturization design

1) Through the best thermal analysis of the driver, the miniaturization is realized. Compared with the past, the volume is 75% and the weight is 80%

2) The new punching process of thin die steel plate has greatly reduced the iron loss, shortened the motor length (70% in the past) and reduced the number of drive models. It adopts current grading method to prepare and maintain. One driver is suitable for multiple motors and can identify automatically.

2.Increase the types of motors to adapt to more occasions

1) High speed and super small inertia motor is added to adapt to more occasions

Servo motor

2) For Chinese OEM customers, low-power increased inertia motor, encoder saving wiring incremental 5-wire; absolute type 7-wire are added .To adapt to China's power grid capacity and improve the main circuit design, based on the situation of China's power grid, single-phase 200V and single / three-phase 200V drivers are designed specially. It is easy to use, convenient for parameter adjustment with high-performance operation panel, status monitoring, fault prompt and analysis, powerful and intelligent automatic adjustment function, so that the professional and complex debugging process can be easily completed

3.High speed response frequency up to 1kHz; high performance mechanical adaptability can receive pulse instructions up to 2mpps,  the built-in instantaneous speed observer can quickly detect the motor speed in high-resolution.

Ultra low vibration

1) The adaptive filter can automatically adjust the notch filter frequency according to the different mechanical resonance frequency

2) Two manual notch filters to suppress mechanical resonance

3) Two channel vibration suppression filter is used to suppress the vibration of the remote end of the machine. The earth environment is concerned about the corresponding ROHS instructions, and lead-free solder is used.