Air compressor --- monitoring in operation

The components of a piston air compressor that need to be cooled with water include cylinders, intercoolers, aftercoolers, and lubricating oil coolers.

1. Regularly check safety protection devices

2. Carry out inspections at the specified monitoring points and fill in the operation records carefully

3. Keep the lubricating oil in the oil sump of the fuselage and the lubricator within the specified range

4. The oil and water condensed from the intercooler should be discharged every two hours, and the gas storage tank should be discharged every shift. If the humidity in the air is high, the number of discharges should be increased

5. Pay attention to and check whether the readings of each pressure gauge and temperature gauge are within the specified range at any time

6. Check whether the oil filling of the oiler is normal, check the supply of lubricating oil to each filling point, if the oil filling is not normal, stop the air compressor and remove it.

7. In order to provide good lubrication, use standard oils, and prohibit the use of inferior engine oils

8. Always pay attention to whether the safety valve on the intercooler and gas storage tank is in good condition and reliable

9. Always pay attention to the working conditions of the exhaust valve and suction valve and clean them regularly

10. Regularly clean or replace each filter movement, and regularly replace the lubricating oil

11. Cut off the power after parking, close the cooling water valve