What is the price of Copeland compressor

In recent years, many manufacturers have taken a fancy to the Copeland compressor market and started to become Copeland compressor distributors. The refrigeration industry has also increasingly recognized Copeland compressors, and the scope of use has become wider and wider. On the premise of focusing on quality Next, everyone will pay attention to the price of compressors. What about the price of Copeland compressors? Let's take a look.

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Copeland compressors have a special structure in Xianggui, which requires certain precautions during use. The inclination angle of Copeland scroll compressors should not exceed 40 degrees, and it is strictly forbidden to invert; the use range of evaporation temperature and condensation temperature: evaporation temperature ZR28-ZR19M3 series, such as ZR28K3-TFD from -23.3°C to 12.8°C, and the condensation temperature from 37.8°C to 60°C.

There are many types of Copeland compressors. No matter which type of compressor, the carrying capacity of the Copeland compressor motor depends on its operating temperature. If the temperature of the insulation layer is too high, the motor may be damaged. Excessive voltage fluctuations, phase loss, motor stalls and poor heat dissipation can all increase additional power consumption, which will cause the motor temperature to rise sharply. Each compressor is equipped with a motor protection device to ensure the safe use of the motor under extreme conditions.

Copeland compressors have a good reputation, and the market response is cost-effective. The price of Copeland compressors is a bit more expensive than general domestic ones, and the price generally ranges from several thousand. Copeland compressors have an excellent reputation in recent years, with a full range of models and many products. It is a good choice for the refrigeration industry to purchase refrigeration compressors.