What is the cause of insufficient displacement of Copeland compressor

Insufficient compressor displacement has a great impact on the entire refrigeration system. If it is not repaired and handled in time, it may cause problems such as the cylinder, cylinder head rupture, and compressor water intake, which will destroy the entire refrigeration system cycle. It may even cause accidents such as compressor combustion and explosion. So what causes the insufficient displacement of Copeland compressor? Let's take a look.

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The main failure causes of insufficient displacement of Copeland compressors are as follows:

1. The internal structure of Copeland compressor is relatively complicated. When the intake filter fails, the fouling is blocked, and the exhaust volume is reduced; the suction pipe is too long and the pipe diameter is too small, which increases the suction resistance and affects the air volume. .

2. The influence of the failure of the air-conditioning compressor suction and discharge valve on the displacement of Copeland compressor.

3. The valve spring force does not match the gas force well. If the elastic force is too strong, the valve plate will open slowly, and if the elastic force is too weak, the valve plate will not close in time. This not only affects the air volume, but also affects the increase in power and the life of the valve valve plate and spring. Copeland compressors have a good reputation, but improper operation during use can also cause this phenomenon.

4. The speed of the air-conditioning compressor decreases, which reduces the exhaust capacity. When the air compressor is used improperly, the exhaust capacity of the air compressor is designed according to a certain altitude, suction temperature and humidity. When the above-mentioned standard plateaus, the suction pressure decreases and the exhaust volume will inevitably decrease. This is also one of the faults of Copeland compressors.

In order to prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon, we should pay attention to appropriately increasing the speed of the compressor when using the compressor. The maintenance of the Copeland compressor should be professional, and if necessary, clean the cylinder and other parts.