Air compressor winter maintenance

In winter, when the temperature drops and the air compressor is not used properly or maintained in time, some quality accidents often occur, causing great economic losses and potential safety hazards. Now make some analysis on some precautions and maintenance methods of the winter air compressor.

1. As the temperature changes, the corresponding compressor oil should be replaced in time. 13# is used in winter (the new standard is 100# compressor oil), and 40CD winter oil is recommended for air compressor diesel engines above 9/7. In some areas The temperature is extremely low, and special oil products with a freezing point lower than the local temperature should be replaced.

2. Open the side cover before starting the machine and observe whether the oil is thickened or frozen. If so, you must first heat the oil, then open all the exhaust valves on the air compressor, and turn the large flywheel for 2-3 After the lap, turn on the unit with an oil pressure gauge at no load, carefully observe whether the pressure on the pressure gauge rises to the normal value (that is, listen for abnormal noise or abnormal gas generation, everything is normal, after 15 minutes of no-load operation, close the valve and check Whether each control circuit is normal, that is, whether the pressure regulating valve has taken off according to regulations,

Whether the first and second pressures are normal. After everything is normal, the air compressor enters the normal air supply state. (The reason is that it works as soon as the machine is turned on. If the lubrication is not good, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of pull and cylinder pull, and finally cause the explosion)

2. After shutting down in winter, you must pay attention to venting all gas, sewage, and water, and venting the water, gas, and oil in various pipes and air bags. Because the temperature of the unit is relatively high when the unit is working in winter, the outside temperature is relatively low after the shutdown. After the air is cooled, a large amount of condensed water will be produced, and there will be hidden dangers such as various control pipelines, intercoolers and air bags, which are easy to block the control pipelines and intercoolers, and the air bag swells and cracks. 4. Diesel-driven air compressors must be shut down, and the water in the diesel engine and the water tank must be discharged, especially the water cut under the water tank and the water cut at the inlet of the diesel engine. The water cut under the cylinder of the water-cooled air compressor and the intercooler enter, Cut water at the drain. Every winter, users fail to drain water in time, causing the cylinder to freeze and crack. Start using the diesel engine in the morning. It is best to add hot water to the water tank so that the diesel engine is easy to start. 5. Electric air compressor, because the oil viscosity of each lubricating part of the unit is relatively high when it is started in winter, and the voltage in some mines is relatively low, it is easy to cause relatively difficult startup when it is just started. Generally, the method is to start the unit 2 3 laps, start the air compressor 3-4 times, remove the steel rod connecting the air compressor to the air bag or remove an exhaust valve, let the unit start, run the air compressor for 10 minutes, stop it, and install it Restarting the machine with the removed parts will generally allow the unit to operate normally. In addition, after the electric air compressor is turned on every day and let it work normally, a multimeter can be used to measure the current during operation. Normally, the rated current of the motor is within ±5%. If it exceeds 10% of the normal current, the unit has a problem or voltage If it is too low, the machine should be shut down for inspection, otherwise the motor will easily heat up and burn out.