Working principle of air compressor water-cooled screw air compressor

There are many models of air compressors. Low pressure rotor. Electronic motor, the main components of LG-1.2/8LG-33/13 are: air filter. Low-pressure rotor intercooler. High-pressure rotors, rock drills, twin-screw air compressors, frequency conversion air compressors, after coolers, transmission parts, gear boxes, regulator control systems, safety valves and silencer shells, etc.

1. Rare failure and handling

1 The air output temperature is too high

①. Clean the scale or dirty deposits in the cooling water. Add detergent to the cooling water to clear the cooling water system.

②. Lower the air input temperature. Increase the ventilation of the air compressor room. Used to remove heat. Especially in the hot summer, an exhaust hood is added to the roof of the air compressor room. Do not control the room temperature too high. The temperature of the air compressor room should not exceed 40°C.

③ Reduce the input temperature of cooling water. The water temperature in summer stays at 24℃. In winter, the water temperature stays at 18℃.

After calculation. The cooling water flow rate is 3.7 liters/sec. ④ Increase the flow of cooling water. The difference between cooling water input temperature and output temperature is l5℃