What problems should be paid attention to when operating the centrifugal oxygen compressor

Compared with air compressors, centrifugal oxygen compressors are characterized by their different working media. Oxygen is a strong oxidizer and combustion-supporting agent. Therefore, there are stricter requirements for safety in design, manufacturing, installation, and use management. E.g:

1. In the selection of materials, the impeller of the oxygen compressor is generally stainless steel, and the runner of some casings needs to be plated with copper;

   2. The gas seal on the bearing side should be filled with nitrogen to prevent oxygen from escaping;

  3. The system is equipped with a fire extinguishing device, and some even have a water spray device to interlock the exhaust temperature at all levels;

   4. Strict degreasing is required during installation or maintenance.

   Pay attention to the following issues during operation:

   1. The safety device of the compressor should be checked regularly, and the failure should be dealt with in time;

  2. The exhaust temperature at all levels should be controlled within the specified range, and the cause should be found out and dealt with when the alarm value is reached;

  3. The pipe fittings and machine parts in contact with oxygen must be strictly degreased, and the tools used must not be contaminated by oil;

  4. Keep the machine clean, the bearing is not allowed to leak oil or air, if any leaks are found, deal with them in time;

   5. Pay attention to the indication change of the axis displacement, stop when the alarm value is reached, find out the reason and deal with it;

   6. When the oxygen compressor is running, the operator should not enter the isolation wall.