Composition and maintenance of oil return check valve for air compressor

The composition of air compressor check valve: the check valve is composed of valve body, steel ball, steel ball seat, spring and other elements

2. The function of the oil return check valve: the oil and gas mixture compressed by the main engine is initially separated in the oil and gas tank by centrifugal force. Because the weight of the oil is greater than air, most of the oil in the solid oil and gas mixture falls into the oil tank by centrifugal force. , And then return to the main engine for a lubrication cycle under the action of internal pressure, and the compressed air containing a small amount of oil is separated again by the oil-gas separator. At this time, the lubricating oil separated by the oil-gas separator will fall to the oil-gas separator. At the bottom, in order to prevent this part of the oil from being carried away with the compressed air, the unit is designed with an oil pipe inserted into the bottom of the oil-air separator. Through internal pressure, this part of the oil is directly introduced into the main engine lubricating bearing. The valve is called the oil return single valve. Its function is to smoothly recover the oil from the oil and gas separator to the main engine without allowing the oil from the main engine to flow back to the oil and gas separator.

3. Disassembly of the oil return single valve: there is a connection in the valve body, unscrew it from this place, and take out the spring, steel ball, and steel ball seat.

4. Clean the oil return check valve: clean the valve body, spring, steel ball, steel ball seat with cleaning agent, and some check valves have a filter inside. If there is any, clean it together.

5. Assembly of the oil return check valve: Install the check valve according to the reverse steps of disassembly.

6. After the entire cleaning process of the one-way valve is completed, put it aside to be loaded into the air compressor