Choose refrigerating oil and start from scratch

Recently, the weather is hot and air-conditioning sales are in the peak season, which has to be reminiscent of "refrigeration". We know that there are many parts that make up refrigeration equipment, and refrigerating oil is an indispensable component. It's like eating too fast, choking and needing to drink water to moisturize the throat. The high-quality refrigerated oil is used on the compressor, which can make the compressor run like a tiger. The author has been engaged in compressor refrigerating oil procurement for more than ten years, dealing with various brands of refrigerating oil all the year round. The refrigerating oils on the market are mainly brands such as ICI, CPI, SUNISO and LUBIL. Among them, LUBIL is recommended to me by a fellow friend . 

  In a chat, he told me about Lufu (LUBIL), "This is our Chinese brand, but the quality is guaranteed. I suggest you purchase this. We have been purchasing this brand of oil for some time." 

  With a look of disdain, I replied: "Hehe, supporting domestic products is one thing, I have to be responsible for my products."  

  "Understand what you mean, do you think its quality is not good? You should trust your brother, the brother recommended to you, the quality will not be bad. Let me tell you this, the environmentally friendly refrigerating oil produced by Zhongqi Company, The crude oil suppliers are Sun and Castrol, and the prices are reasonable, which is more affordable than those of foreign brands." 

  "...That means that is the packaging factory?"  

"That's right, because of their packaging equipment, excellent packaging environment, strict production monitoring, and strict management system, they have undertaken the OEM production of the world's famous refrigeration companies."  

  I opened my eyes wide, "Their company also does OEM production for large companies? Then their production process must be nothing to say."  

"If you don't believe me, you can visit their company. Anyway, your purchase volume is quite large. They will definitely be happy to discuss business with you. That is Ningbo Zhongqi Refrigeration Industry Co., Ltd. You can contact."  

My friend’s advice was good, so I decided to go to the site for a field trip. Through the relationship of friends, I got the opportunity to inspect the Zhongqi factory. 

  Accompanied by the quality inspection engineer of Ningbo Zhongqi Refrigeration Company, the author had the honor to visit the whole process of its lubricant sealing and filling. This is a stainless steel pipeline sealing and filling workshop, which has advanced special oil automatic control production equipment. The crude oil filling process is carried out in a totally enclosed, dust-free, sterile, oxygen-free, and dry environment. The engineer said that the German engineer who came to install and debug said that these frozen oil sealing and filling equipment can be used to seal milk. It seems that the packaging conditions of this company are still at the leading level in China. 

  The engineers also introduced their strict quality control system to the author: the company strictly inspects and supervises the quality of crude oil and finished products. Before the crude oil enters the warehouse, the inspectors perform spectral analysis and inspection on each batch, and only qualified crude oil can be transported into the warehouse; during the crude oil packaging process, the testing center conducts periodic random inspections—first inspections on the first batch of finished products. , Intermediate inspection (the second sampling inspection of the finished product when the oil sealing and filling process is halfway), and the end inspection (the sampling inspection of the finished product at the end of the sealing and filling process). All finished products can only be put into inventory if they pass the test, and pressure-holding leak testing is performed; when the finished products are packaged and shipped out of the factory, some of them are kept in the warehouse for leak detection at any time to track the quality of the same batch of products.  

At the same time, the engineer introduced the company's latest information: the company has invested more than 3 million yuan to build a laboratory with high-precision equipment to track and monitor crude oil and refined oil. With advanced technology and excellent equipment, Ningbo Zhongqi promises: Refrigeration Oil will inherit the high quality of world-famous oil products and provide safe products for its peers. 

  In the process of the engineer's presentation, the author strongly felt the rigorous work style of Zhongqi Company. It turns out that this domestic company is doing this to become bigger and stronger, and it is this way to gain the trust of companies like Carrier.  

Because Ningbo Zhongqi Lubricant has an excellent source of crude oil supply, sophisticated production technology, strict management system, and strict quality control system, I believe they will go further in the future. At the same time, through this inspection, the author has gained such a quality-guaranteed supplier, which provides conditions for future quality services.