Basic knowledge of PID regulation and PID

What is PID regulation and the basic knowledge of PID At present, the level of industrial automation has become an important indicator of the modernization level of various industries. At the same time, the development of control theory has also experienced three stages: classical control theory, modern control theory and intelligent control theory.

A typical example of intelligent control is a fuzzy fully automatic washing machine. Automatic control system can be divided into open loop control system and closed loop control system.

A control system includes controller, sensor, transmitter, actuator, input and output interface. The output of the controller is added to the controlled system through the output interface and the actuator; the controlled quantity of the control system is sent to the controller through the input interface through the sensor and transmitter. Different control systems have different sensors, transmitters, and actuators. For example, the pressure control system should use a pressure sensor.

The sensor of the electric heating control system is a temperature sensor. At present, there are many PID controllers and intelligent PID controllers (instruments).

The products have been widely used in engineering practice. There are various PID controller products, and major companies have developed PID controllers. An intelligent regulator with parameter self-tuning function, in which the automatic adjustment of PID controller parameters is achieved through intelligent adjustment or self-correction and adaptive algorithms.

There are pressure, temperature, flow, and liquid level controllers that use PID control, programmable controllers (PLCs) that can realize PID control functions, and PC systems that can realize PID control. Programmable controller (PLC) uses its closed-loop control module to realize PID control, and programmable controller (PLC) can be directly connected to ControlNet, such as Rockwell PLC-5. There are also controllers that can realize PID control functions, such as Rockwell's Logix product series, which can be directly connected to ControlNet and use the network to realize its remote control function

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