Ethylene plant training materials

Chapter One  Typical Process of Ethylene Plant

The first section   sequence separation process

Section 2 Front deethane process

Section 3 Front depropanization process

Section 4 Low investment separation process

Section 5 Progressive separation process

Section 6 Oil absorption and separation process

Section 7 Comparison of six separation processes

Chapter 2  The scale of the installation and the development of raw materialsSection 1 Installation Scale

Section 2 The development trend of world ethylene raw materials

Chapter Three: Cracking Technology

Section 1  New type of cracking furnace

Section 2   Total Cracking Technology

Section 3   Improve the thermal efficiency of the cracking furnace:

Section 4   Coking Prevention Technology

Section 5   using online defocusing and automatic defocusing under computer control 0 q3 N6 Section VI: Matching of cracking furnace and gas turbine

Chapter Four: Compression Technology

Section 1   Hybrid Refrigeration Technology

Section 2 "Development of process, equipment and energy utilization.

Chapter 5  Separation Technology

Section One: Fractional Condensation and Fractionation Technology (ARS)

Section 2   Catalytic Distillation Hydrogenation Technology

Section III: Acetylene Recovery Technology

Section 4   Ethylene tower adopts heat pump technology