HMI is the device connects the user and the machinery system. It is the medium of information transfer and exchange between people and machines. Since the first button switch was developed, man-machine interface monitoring system has become an essential part of industrial production.

No matter from the point of view of the commercial competitiveness of products or the development prospect of science and technology, there will be two trends in the development of HMI products.

The demand of customers is always the direction of Delta products and technology development.
From the development process of Delta HMI, we can deeply understand the future trend of man-machine interface technology and automation technology.

Delta HMI DOP-103WV

Figure 1: Delta HMI DOP-103WV

1. Two Trends Illuminating the Future of HMI

The development of automation products and technologies has been in the process of continuous breakthrough and innovation in the cycle of subdivision, integration and subdivision. Either from the commercial competitiveness of the products, or from the perspective of technological development, there are two trends in the development of HMI products.

1.1 Specialized Products and Industry Specific Products

The first is the specialized products and industry application specific products for special industry needs. Especially in many PA (process control automation) fields, the support ability of fieldbus and Ethernet is more important.

With the further reduction of hardware cost and the popularization of software universality, there will be more and more host products integrating many communication modes, which will be upgraded and deepened in their respective application fields.

1.2 Open HMI Products

The second is open HMI products, which can expand and enhance the functions of monitoring, control, communication, motion, vision, etc. For example, human-computer interface software and PC configuration software tend to be consistent, which is also the product of this demand trend.

In fact, with the increasing complexity of HMI application and the gradual upgrading of HMI programming software, it will have more and more functions and features of configuration software. Some of the original requirements realized by IPC & configuration software can be gradually replaced by HMI (touch screen).

For users, it can not only reduce costs and save resources, but also make maintenance more convenient and efficient.

In the future, in the field of man-machine products, we believe that not only will there be more products with higher integration, easier use and high performance, but also the technology of these products will be more mature and popular.

These two kinds of products will be pursued and favored by users, so they will also be the focus of competition among major HMI brands.

Delta HMI DOP-W105

Figure 2: Delta HMI DOP-W105

Four Development Directions of Delta HMI

Customer demand is always the direction of Delta products and technology development. Since its entry into the Chinese mainland market in 2004, Delta HMI has maintained steady and high-speed growth by continuously meeting the new needs of its customers.

On the one hand, Delta has been using new control technology to develop products with better performance and closer to the needs of end users. Delta is leading the world in products and services to create an unusual experience for customers. On the other hand, Delta has been giving full play to its excellent ability in the industry for many years, taking the industry demand as the guidance, making good product details according to the special needs of customers in different industries, and providing high value-added products and system solutions in line with the characteristics of the industry.

The feedback from various industries is very exciting. Customers accept not only our products, but also Delta's overall solutions, which can help customers obtain greater value and more benefits.

When making the market strategy, Delta HMI products will first consider the application needs of customers prospectively, and then make the best layout in combination with the comprehensive strength of the enterprise and the overall strategic objectives.

Delta HMI DOP-07S515

Figure 3: Delta HMI DOP-07S515

In the future, the development of Delta HMI will highlight the following four directions:

Strengthen the software function of HMI, improve the combination of network and PC software, and optimize the user experience.

In depth study of industry specific areas. Delta has rich experience in industry solution service. On this basis, HMI products will also launch a number of efficient and applicable industry special machines for multiple industries through in-depth communication with special machine users.

Delta focuses on sports applications. With Delta PLC, frequency converter and servo controller, we provide overall solutions and comprehensive services for customers.

Delta provides universal products with more market competitiveness and technology leading edge to expand market share and enhance customers' core competitiveness.

3. Prevailing Models of Delta HMI

Delta DOP series of human-machine interface provides a variety of sizes and colors of touch screen, and provides a more rapid and convenient control function for industrial automation machinery.

In addition, the full range of products are equipped with Windows-base user-friendly editing software. Users can quickly edit the chart interface and freely set the appropriate communication protocol specifications

3.1 Concise Professional Upgrade - DOP-B07PS415/B07PS515

The combination of Delta human-machine interface DOP-B07PS415/B07PS515 and Delta A2 servo can easily realize the function of electronic cam curve tabulation without PC and upper software.

Fashionable and exquisite in appearance, with 7 "TFTLCD panel and 800 * 480 / 800 * 600 ultra-high resolution.

Powerful internal chip, supports asda-a2 electronic cam curve tabulation, automatic flying shear adjustable synchronous area, indirect printing and automatic flying shear cos compensation tabulation mode.

Built-in 82MFlashRom, 16M power-off holding area, and has all kinds of practical functions.

Delta HMI DOP-B07PS515

Figure 4: Delta HMI DOP-B07PS515

3.2 Best Choice for Dusty and Humid Environment - DOP-B07S411K

This model has a 7-inch color widescreen TFT panel with a resolution of 800×480 and 8 user-defined function keys.

It is of super compatibility, can be perfectly connected with a variety of brands of PLC, and also has its own automatic communication detection function to avoid setting errors.

DOP-B07S411K is dustproof and waterproof. Its panel waterproof grade is IP65, with good vibration resistance and impact resistance. It can be widely used in textile, packaging, printing, machine tools, electric power, woodworking and other fields of industrial production site.

Delta HMI DOP-B07S411K

Figure 5: Delta HMI DOP-B07S411K

3.3 10.1 Inch Widescreen of High Color and High Resolution - DOP-B10S615/B10E615

DOP-B10S615/B10E615 is 10.1 inches high, with 65536 color TFTs, providing 1024x600 ultra-high resolution.

DOP-B10S615/B10E615 has built-in 82MFlashRom and 16Mbytes SRAM, which can connect printer, USB flash disk, mouse and keyboard.

DOP-B10S615/B10E615 supports USB fast download, SDHC card, network and MP3 / wav.

Application scope: manufacturing enterprise factory automation, production line data monitoring and acquisition, HVAC, printing press, exposure machine, production line monitoring and other industrial monitoring systems.

Delta HMI DOP-B10S615

Figure 6: Delta HMI DOP-B10S615

4. Case Study - Delta HMI Helps Waste Disposal in Shanghai Expo

Waste disposal system of Shanghai Expo

Figure 7: Intelligent waste pneumatic conveying system

During the Shanghai World Expo, the inspection department specially developed a low-energy environmental friendly harmless treatment device. The device uses the pyrolysis principle of organic matter to properly and effectively dispose of some unqualified food or organic waste, so that only water and carbon dioxide are produced, and the heat energy released in the process of recycling is recovered.

Delta B10 series HMI takes on the task of reality, operation and control platform in this set of low-energy environmental friendly harmless treatment device system.

Delta B10 series HMI adopts 65536 color LCD panel and new 2D drawing acceleration technology. Its resolution can reach WXGA (1024 * 600), and its editing area is twice that of traditional VGA (640 * 480), which allows users to plan more picture elements and provide more beautiful and exquisite fine high-quality display.

In addition, this series of products fully expand the memory capacity, and have high-speed 10m / 100M network interface, which can quickly link various devices. With ESERVER/EREMOTE network software, users can easily build a perfect monitoring network solution to achieve the purpose of overall monitoring and control.

What's more, the series panels of Delta HMI adopt mercury free LED backlight, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and effectively reduce carbon emissions. To provide more environmentally friendly automation products is in line with Delta's business mission of "environmental protection, energy saving and love for the earth", and also directly echoes the theme of "environmental protection, energy saving, green and low carbon" of Shanghai World Expo.

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