HMI is the abbreviation of human machine interface, which is also known as user interface. It is the medium of interaction and information exchange between the system and users.
It can complete the work of information transformation between the internal form of machinery and the acceptable form of human beings.

Wherever there’s human-computer information exchange, there’s HMI.

Brands Specializing in HMI

1. Pro-face

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Figure 1: Pro-face HMI product with brief company description

Pro-face International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company invested by Digital Electronics Corporation of Japan. With its innovative technology concept and leading technology awareness, Pro-face International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides global customers with programmable HMIs, industrial tablet computer, graphic logic control and industrial information terminal products.

The company helps users improve the overall production and operation efficiency. With HMI products occupying a very high market share in Asia, America and Europe, Pro-face is a global leader in the HMI industry.


HITECH HMI PWS5610T-S 5.7 inches 320X240

Figure 2: 5.7 inches HITECH HMI PWS5610T-S

HITECH is a brand in Taiwan and is called Hetek in Chinese mainland. It is the brand of Taiwan HITECH Electronics Co., Ltd. founded in 1981, the company initially manufactured electronic watches for pens.

In order to transform HITECH into a technology-oriented company, the company began to develop and manufacture LCD modules in 1984.
At that time, HITECH was the first manufacturer in Taiwan to successfully develop LCD modules.

In 1990, HITECH set up a new Research & Development department to actively invest in the research and development of human machine interface (HMI) applied in the field of industrial automation.

HITECH is the first manufacturer in Taiwan to develop industrial HMI products by combining embedded system technology with LCD module.

After years of efforts, HITECH has established its own HMI brand - HITECH PWS series, with sale bases all over the world, including Asia, the United States and Europe. Now it has been acquired by Swedish BEIJER and has been put under BEIJER.

3. Beijer

Beijer Electronics Group of Sweden is the first HMI brand in Europe, and it has won the best IF design award of global industrial design for three years continuously.

Beijer adopts aluminum magnesium alloy shell design, which is thin and has strong anti-interference ability. Its HMI screens are of 64ktft true color display with beautiful and clear picture, and the embedded WinCE operating system has powerful function and high reliability.

The protection grade of the front panel is IP66, and it has passed various certification of UL, DNV, and RoHS.

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Figure 3: Beijer HMI product with brief company description.

Beijer is a technology independent HMI developer. With its intuitive HMI and information software, users all over the world can easily communicate with the machines and processes they control.
HMI is the only business of Beijer. Since the 1980s, Beijer electronics has become a leading enterprise in the development of HMI.

Here are some of the major events in the history of Beijer.

* In 1981, Beijer Electronics was founded. It started as an automation system agent and then developed proprietary control products, which laid the foundation for the company's HMI business.

* In 1986, Beijer electronics released the first HMI MAC-G. This is a handheld HMI with a text display. Other models were introduced in subsequent years.

Collection of X2 pro High-performance HMI panels

Figure 4: Beijer X2 pro high-performance HMI panels

* In 1996, Beijer introduced color graphic display and touch screen.

* In 1997, Beijer introduced the Ethernet function based on TCP / IP.

* In 1998, Beijer electronics became the first enterprise to provide HMI with web function. In addition to handling e-mail, you can use the HMI as a web server. Moreover, you can also monitor and control it through intranet and Internet.

* In 2005, Beijer electronics successfully acquired HITECH Electronics Corp, a Taiwan company engaged in HMI development and sale.

* In 2007, Beijer electronics successfully acquired Lauer, a German HMI manufacturer with significant influence in Central Europe.

At present, Beijer sells HMIs in the Chinese market through Tianjin Luosheng, but with limited sales. The company now mainly develops the Chinese market through HITECH.

4. WeinView

TK6071iQ HMI Programming Weinview HMI 7 inch

Figure 5: 7 inches WeinView HMI TK6070iQ

WeinView Co., Ltd. is a gold medal HMI supplier integrating Research & Development, production, manufacturing and sales.

Based on advanced HMI communication skills and brand development concept, WeinView provides a variety of high-quality HMI products, solutions and services in the field of production automation and process automation.

Focusing on Chinese market, WeinView HMIs have been widely used in machinery, textile, electrical, packaging and other industries.

In 2004, WeinView got the 9001-2000 verification from the internationally well-known company SGS . In 2005, it obtained CE, UL and ROHS certification.

WeinView is committed to being a citizen of the earth, taking the lead in adopting lead-free parts and manufacturing processes that meet the advanced environmental protection standards in the industry.

After 15 years of development and growth, WeinView has established an international Research & Development team, which has laid a solid foundation for the corporate image and industry authority of "gold medal HMI expert".

Brands with Various Products

5. Mitsubishi

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Figure 6: Mitsubishi HMI product with brief company description

Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd. is the sales and service organization of industrial automation products of Mitsubishi group in China. Its business scope covers industrial automation and mechatronics products, including PLC (programmable logic controller), HMI, VFD (variable frequency drive), AC servo system, numerical control system, etc.

At present, Mitsubishi has 3 series of PLCs: the Q series (medium sized), FX series (small sized), L series (medium and large sized). Among these series, Mitsubishi small PLC of FX series entered the domestic market early, and now it has a very high share in the global market.

Mitsubishi HMI include GT10 series, GT15 series, GT11 series, GOT-F900 and GOT1000.

For now, Mitsubishi's HMI is basically matched with Mitsubishi's PLC, so its PLC market share determines that its HMI market share is accordingly large.

But in recent years, many other HMI brands have occupied the market share of Mitsubishi's HMI, making its HMI sale seriously decreased.

6. Siemens

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Figure 7: Siemens HMI product with brief company description

Founded by Ernst Werner von Siemens in 1847, now Siemens AG is one of the largest electromechanical companies in the world. Its international headquarters is in Munich, Germany.

As one of the largest groups in Siemens AG, industrial automation and drive technology group (IA & DT) is the pillar of Siemens business and is an important part of Siemens Industry. It provides products, systems, applications and services for manufacturing automation, process automation and building electrical installation.

Siemens HMI S7-200 are widely used in industrial machinery and it needs to be matched with its own brand of PLC as well.

In recent years, the market share of Siemens HMI has been taken away by other brands in a large volume, like the case of Mitsubishi.

7. Schneider

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Figure 8: Schneider HMI product with brief company description

In the 19th century, Schneider Electric was engaged in iron and steel industry, heavy machinery industry and ship construction industry.

In the 20th century, it engaged in power and automation management. In more than 170 years since its establishment, Schneider Electric has encountered numerous challenges and made several major strategic choices. Now the group has grown into an industry leader.

As a comprehensive group company, Schneider has a overpowering reputation and market share in the global market.

Regarding control products, large PLC of Schneider is widely used.

Schneider has Magelis STO (STU) (modular touch screen terminal), industrial touch display Magelis Display, touch screen graphic terminal Magelis XBT series, including Magelis XBT GK series, Magelis XBT GT series, Magelis XBT GTW Series.

In 2002, Schneider acquired Digital (Pro-face) to expand its HMI market due to its lack of products in industrial machinery.


Collection of Phoenix Contact HMI panels

Figure 9: Phoenix Contact HMI panels

Founded in 1923, Phoenix Contact is the world market leader in the field of electrical connection and electronic interface and industrial automation.

The company is headquartered in Blomberg, in the German North Rhine Westphalia region.

Phoenix Contact provides world-class products and services for power, electronics, communications, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical, aviation, transportation, railway transportation, automobile manufacturing and industrial automation industries.

The company operates seven production bases outside Germany, with nearly 50 sales branches and more than 30 local organizations worldwide. With more than 11000 employees, the company achieved a turnover of $150 million in 2011.

Phoenix Contact can provide customized operation scheme of system or device. For industrial clients, cost effective automation means effective control and monitoring. To meet various client needs, Phoenix Electric provides HMI equipment with different features: direct control on site, centralized control in control center, high performance or multi-function.

Pros of Phoenix Contact HMI

The same version of software is used for HMIs of different models and performance levels, which allows users to expand the functions easily.

Pre configuration hardware and pre installation software are provided. Easy to operate.

Pre installed driver and flexible connection controller.

The server-side client structure and web connection are adopted to ensure efficient multi-user operation.

Durable aluminum front panel.

A variety of services available to create customized solutions.

HMI is a part of the COMPLETE line system.

9. ESA

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Figure 10: ESA HMI product with brief company description

ESA was founded in 1975 and has 36 years of industrial automation history. The scale of the company has expanded from a local Italian company to a global multinational enterprise.

ESA has branches and agencies in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, which can provide customers with more convenient and timely service support and perfect purchase help.

ESA is committed to providing better solutions and products for industrial control and safety production. According to the needs of users, ESA is constantly improving the whole series of products.

10. Delta

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Figure 11: Delta HMI product with brief company description

Delta was founded in Taiwan in 1971. At the beginning, it focused on the Research & Development and production of electronic components and power supply. Now it has gradually developed into a group company with global revenue of US $4.562 billion in 2009.

In 1992, Delta began to develop its business in mainland China, and established its subsidiary Shanghai Dechuang Smick electrical and Electronic Co., Ltd.

In 1993, it was renamed as Shanghai Zhongda SMIC electrical and Electronic Co., Ltd. and in 2003, it was renamed as Delta Greentech (China) CO.,Ltd.

There are five departments in Delta: mechanical and electrical department, energy department, video department, network power department and railway department.

In 1992, the company began to produce VFDs in mainland of China (Pudong, Shanghai). In 2002, it began to sell PLCs in the mainland. In 2004, Delta started to sell HMIs.

Delta’s mechanical and electrical products include: PLC, HMI, VFD, servo, temperature controller, encoder, counter, switching power supply, DC motor and other products. Most of its mechanical and electrical products are produced in Wujiang factory in Jiangsu Province. At present, it has a huge market share in China.

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