GREE Air Conditioner Error Codes

GREE air conditioner outdoor unit
Figure 1: GREE air conditioner.

With the continuous development of technology, home appliances are becoming more and more intelligent and complex. Their self-diagnosis functions are very important when troubleshooting them. Similarly, GREE air conditioners also have built-in fault codes for maintenance personnel to determine the cause of the failure. This article will give an introduction to GREE air conditioner fault codes for you to refer to.

1. Common Fault Codes and Solutions for GREE Air Conditioners

1.1 E-Series Error Codes

GREE central air conditioner multi-split E2 error code
Figure 2: GREE central air conditioner E2 error code.

E0 The AC voltage of the whole unit drops and the frequency decreases.
E1 System high voltage protection
E2 Indoor side anti-freeze protection
E3 System low voltage protection
E4 Compressor discharge temperature (too high) protection
E5 Low voltage (over current) protection
E6 Communication failure
E7 Contradiction in the set modes
E8 High temperature protection
E9 Protection against cold air flow
EC Incorrect operation or invalid operation
ED System high temperature protection /overheating protection
EU IPM high temperature protection
EE Memory chip failure/indoor PCB board failure
EP High temperature protection on top of the outdoor casing

When GREE air conditioners display E-series codes, usually you do not need to contact after-sales service personnel for on-site maintenance. A relatively simple solution is to turn off the internal unit of the air conditioner, wait for a period of time and then turn it back on. The problem will disappear naturally.

1.2 C-Series Error Codes

C1 Arc fault protection
C2 Leakage protection
C3 Wrong wiring protection
C4 No ground wire
C5 Jumper cap fault protection
C6 No ground wire
CD Carbon dioxide concentration detected too high alarm
CP Protection against cold air flow

If a C-series code appears on the GREE air conditioner, you must first turn off the air conditioner, disconnect the power supply, and contact GREE after-sales service for professional help.

1.3 D-Series Error Codes

DF Anti-freeze protection

1.4 F-Series Error Codes

GREE wall-mount air conditioner F1 error code
Figure 3: GREE air conditioner F1 error code.

F0 Fluorine collection mode (System lack of fluorine or blockage protection)
F1 Indoor ambient temperature sensing bulb is open or short-circuited.
F2 Indoor evaporator temperature sensing bulb is open or short-circuited.
F3 Outdoor ambient temperature sensing bulb is open or short-circuited.
F4 Outdoor condenser temperature sensing bulb is open or short-circuited.
F5 Outdoor discharge temperature sensing bulb is open or short-circuited.
F6 Overload limit descending frequency
F7 Refrigeration oil return
F8 Overload current descending frequency
F9 Exhaust air high descending frequency
FA Tube temperature too high descending frequency
FE Outdoor overload temperature sensing bulb failure
FH Anti-freeze limit descending frequency
FP Indoor sensor detection failure

If the GREE air conditioner displays an F-series code, it must be handled according to the code analysis.

1.5 J-Series Error Codes

JF Communication failure between the internal unit and the detection board
J6 Communication failure between the main board and drive board of the internal unit

1.6 H-Series Error Codes

GREE air conditioner H5 error code
Figure 4: GREE H5 error code.

H0 Anti-high temperature during heating
H1 Outdoor unit defrosting
H2 Electrostatic dust removal protection
H3 Compressor overload protection
H4 System abnormality (Anti-high temperature shutdown protection)
H5 Module protection
H6 No indoor unit motor feedback (Fan blocked)
H7 Synchronization failure (Compressor out-of-step failure)
H8 Excessive condensate in the drainage system of the indoor unit
H9 Electric heating tube failure
HC PFC overcurrent protection
HE Compressor demagnetization protection
HF WiFi module failure
HP Indoor unit high temperature protection

When GREE air conditioners display H-series codes, H1-H8 codes can be solved by shutting down and restarting. H9 and H0 may be caused by internal parts damaged and you need to contact after-sales service for on-site maintenance.

1.7 L-Series Error Codes

L1 Humidity sensor failure
L2 Water tank water level switch failure
L3 Outdoor fan failure
L9 Over power protection
LC Buttons locked (Button function is blocked)
LD Phase loss protection (compressor three-phase unbalance protection)
LE Compressor stuck protection
LP Indoor and outdoor unit models do not match

GREE air conditioner compressor
Figure 5: GREE compressor.

1.8 P-Series Error Codes

P0 Drive module reset
P1 Nominal (rated) cooling or heating
P2 Maximum cooling or heating
P3 Intermediate cooling or heating
P5 Compressor overcurrent protection
P7 Module temperature sensing bulb circuit failure
P8 Module over temperature protection
PH DC bus input voltage is too high.
PL DC bus input voltage is too low.
PA AC protection (input side)
PC Current detection circuit failure or current sensor failure
PD Sensor connection protection
PU Capacitor charging failure

1.9 R-Series Error Codes

rF Radio frequency module failure

1.10 S-Series Error Codes

SE Energy saving mode (not a fault)

1.11 U-Series Error Codes

U1 Compressor current circuit malfunction
U2 Compressor phase loss protection
U3 DC bus voltage drops.
U4 Compressor rotates in reverse.
U5 The overcurrent detection circuit of the whole unit is faulty.
U6 Oil temperature too high protection
U7 Reversing valve malfunction
U8 PG motor (internal fan) zero-crossing detection failure
U9 Outdoor fan zero-crossing detection circuit failure
UA On-site setting error, mismatch between internal and external units
UF Zero crossing abnormal
UH No outdoor motor feedback
UL Discharge temperature sensor bulb fell off.
UP The temperature of the outdoor electrical box is too high.
UC Filter failure
UU DC overcurrent protection

clean air conditioner filter
Figure 6: Air conditioner filter.

1.12 O-Series Error Codes

OE Outdoor ambient temperature abnormal fault

1.13 N-Series Error Codes

No Fixed and variable frequency display boards are used incorrectly.

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