How to choose the internal machine for cold storage Choose air cooler or exhaust pipe

Most of the cold storages we make are divided into many types, such as high temperature storage, low temperature storage, ultra low temperature storage, etc. So how to choose the internal machine of the cold storage? Should you choose a cooler or a duct? This is a question that must be considered.

   Generally, we recommend the use of air coolers for high-temperature storage. It is easy to install. If it is a large-scale cold storage, when the outer height of the cold storage is high, and the internal machine adopts piping, the installation is very inconvenient and there are certain safety risks. The air cooler is easy to disassemble and assemble, which is more suitable and common in high temperature storage.

   Low-temperature cold storage or ultra-low temperature cold storage, we recommend using platoon pipes. Many low-temperature cold storages on the market use platoon pipes as external machines. From a long-term point of view, the use of piping, the cooling capacity in the cold storage is even, energy-saving and power-saving, but there are also certain shortcomings, the price is relatively high, and the installation is inconvenient compared to the air cooler

   Generally, in low-temperature cold storages of minus 18 degrees or minus 25 degrees, the use of air coolers is completely possible. There is no need to worry about frosting. However, if it is an ultra-low temperature cold storage, it is still recommended to use pipes. Of course, this is also closely related to the budget of the cold storage owner.