Jingliang Electronics-Air Compressor Sensor Solution

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Precision Electronics-MEAS (MSI) Sensor Co., Ltd. is a precision electronic engineering expert who masters the world's leading silicon micromachining MEMS technology. It has advanced principles of design, production and packaging technology. It is the first to achieve silicon micromachine batch The processing technology company is also the first company to apply glass micro-melting innovative technology in the silicon strain gauge manufacturing process. At the same time, it is also the first to convert PiezoFilm (polymer piezoelectric film) technology into a low-cost commercial sensor And the company of vital signs sensors.

At the just-concluded Shenzhen High-tech Fair, Jingliang Electronics exhibited a full range of MEAS sensors. These products are widely used in aerospace, defense and military industry, machinery and equipment, industrial automatic control, automotive electronics, medical, household appliances, HVAC, Petrochemical, air compressor, meteorological testing, instrumentation and other fields. Attract many viewers to stop and watch.

At this industry fair, Jingliang Electronics continued to exhibit its eight major product lines: pressure, force (weighing), position, acceleration, temperature, humidity, photoelectric and piezoelectric film sensors, providing technical support for applications in various industries . With the help of the communication platform of the International Industry Fair, Jingliang Electronics-American MEAS Sensor Company, with advanced design concepts and modern production equipment, is dedicated to tailor-made for OEM customers. High quality and high cost performance are always the promise of Jingliang Electronics to customers!