Look at the loyalty and infidelity of air compressor agents

In the increasingly competitive post-air compressor era, whether it is a large international brand enterprise or a small domestic brand, they have encountered a real problem, that is, how to maintain the loyalty of agents.

Before solving agent loyalty, we must first figure out what is agent loyalty? Generally, everyone considers the length of cooperation with the air compressor manufacturer: whether it is good or bad, it can consistently be the first in the local market. Manufacturer’s brands and products (At present, most agents have represented more than two air compressor brands, with high and low matching. Whether there is authorization is another question).

   In the air compressor market, we can often see these two situations: 1. The manufacturer cancels the renewal of the contract with the agent; 2. The agent reverses and no longer represents the brand. After the first situation occurred, many agents complained: the manufacturers are too unethical, and after working hard for several years, they just kicked off if they said they did not cooperate; when the second situation occurred, many manufacturers panic: the regional market is about to be lost. The loss of agents, the situation is in crisis. So the two sides blamed each other and berated each other for lack of loyalty.

   There is some truth in appealing to loyalty, but it also falls into a misunderstanding and fails to grasp the essence of the matter: Tucao and panic are both misunderstandings of loyalty. In fact, the loyalty between manufacturers and agents is maintained by a third party. This third party lays the foundation for cooperation between the two parties, that is, customers based on a certain profit! Because customers provide profits that both parties want . Seeing this, we should understand: The so-called loyalty of agents or manufacturers' loyalty to agents is meaningless without the customer.

In order to maintain the loyalty of agents, many manufacturers have spent a lot of thought: material care, such as rewarding cars, rewarding houses, sending accessories, lowering the purchase price, etc.; family care, such as parasitic day cards, New Year cards, networking, invitations Eat and drink. After some painstaking efforts, it was discovered that some of the agents still abandoned themselves. Why? Failure to capture customer loyalty!

 Where does the customer's loyalty come from? It does not come from ethics, but from whether the products and services provided by the air compressor manufacturers through agents meet the needs of customers. As long as products and services can meet demand, a market and profits will be formed, and agents are profit-seeking. If the manufacturer's products and services have always been competitive among similar brands, then there will be a loyal customer group. In this way, no matter what the agent thinks of the manufacturer, he will not abandon the manufacturer. Unless the manufacturer’s agency policy makes him unprofitable, these customers (including potential customers) will bring him more than just immediate Profits can also be obtained through other brand promotion channels through the brand’s customer base, which brings a long-term career.

 Only through customers, manufacturers have the right to speak to agents. If the customer’s loyalty is lost, it is normal for the manufacturer to be abandoned by the agent because the agent has not found a reason for loyalty or more loyalty