The era of running customers one by one has passed, the air compressor owner must do this!

In the current air compressor industry, there are various basic marketing models such as human tactics, technical marketing, product marketing, and conference marketing. At present, most of the domestic air compressor dealers have held terminal boss meetings, and the organizers of the meeting marketing are mostly manufacturers-led. From the perspective of air compressor manufacturers, conference marketing is the basic way of air compressor sales, but every manufacturer is doing it, and it gradually deteriorates. Therefore, the current terminal boss meeting has encountered some bottlenecks in actual operation, such as high investment, poor effect, and difficult development.

The era of running customers one by one has passed, the air compressor owner must do this!

   One, the confusion of all parties

  1. The manufacturer’s confusion

   If the air compressor industry relies solely on sales and word-of-mouth sales, sales will definitely be difficult. Conference marketing is a key way to cultivate the concept of terminal bosses.

  The support of cooperative dealers is getting lower and lower. In many cases, dealers are unwilling to bear the cost and work unwilling to cooperate. They always think that the meeting is the business of the manufacturers, and they just want to enjoy the benefits and do not want to pay.

Meeting costs are getting higher and higher, meals, gifts, promotions, labor and other costs are getting higher and higher, but the effect of meetings is getting worse and worse. The terminal boss is reluctant to come, and he doesn’t want to place orders. The reputation of terminal bosses is getting worse.

   Every manufacturer is doing conference marketing, and innovation is becoming more and more difficult. The bosses of lectures and sales promotion routines have been "popularized".

  2, the confusion of air compressor dealers

   Manufacturers are always pushing for meetings, and they think that meetings are a good way, but they can’t be opened, and they can’t be opened. Sometimes they even smashed their own brand, just like a chicken rib.

   The terminal boss is either unwilling to hold meetings, or just for the sake of face, sometimes ordering some goods, as if owed favors to others, it is better to go for normal sales.

  Meetings are the business of the manufacturers. Costs are provided by the manufacturers and the personnel are provided by the manufacturers. The profit of my own store is not much, so I cannot invest.

   Dealers who hold meetings independently often have disputes with manufacturers due to cost issues, and in some cases it may also affect the effect of the meeting.

   3. The confusion of the terminal boss

   I have attended a lot of meetings. I have listened to the same teacher many times, and the content of the lectures are almost the same. I even know how to do it. I really don’t want to listen to it.

   I have to place an order every time I have a meeting. Sometimes I will order some for the sake of face, but I will regret it.

   Many meetings have been held, my own problems have not been solved, and the sales of air compressors are still not going up.

   Now every meeting is to earn my money, and I am fooling me. I hope someone can really help me solve the problem.

   2. Problems in air compressor conference marketing

   1. Conference marketing is positioned as selling goods by manufacturers and distributors, and it is also positioned as selling promotion by terminal bosses. Well organized, there will be sales, but the brand may not have; if the organization is not good, the brand and sales may not necessarily be there. How to make the sales last long and build the brand still needs to be discussed.

  2. As for the organizers of conference marketing, there are still ambiguities. The relationship of responsibility and power between manufacturers and distributors needs to be clear, and there can be no situation where both parties are in charge or ignored.

  3. Meetings should not be held for the sake of meetings. Meetings must have systematic thinking and system processes. Brands and sales must find a combination. Long-term sales rather than short-term improvements must be made. Meetings that cannot form a brand should not be held.

  4. Manufacturers, distributors, and terminal owners must have a correct attitude towards the meeting, return the meeting to the original starting point, and eliminate food and drink meetings, promotional meetings, and thank you meetings.

   3. The necessity of conference marketing

  Meeting marketing was very successful in the early stage. The fixed routines of expert lectures on technical knowledge, marketing knowledge and product promotion have promoted the promotion and sales of air compressor products to a certain extent.

In the face of various problems in air compressor conference marketing, air compressor manufacturers must change their impetuous mentality, provide practical services, and then use the effective mode of conference marketing to serve the terminal bosses and allow them to increase sales. , Earn more money, even if you lose less money when the market is bad, you can protect your capital and make a little better.

  Distributors also need to pay attention. Choosing a manufacturer that is relatively professional in conference marketing is the most important thing. Standing on the shoulders of giants can fly higher. Of course, it must be a manufacturer that values ​​conference marketing.

  Of course, terminal owners must also change their minds. They should not be greedy for temporary cheapness, blindly pursuing which one has a large discount, which one gives a lot of gifts, and which one has a high-grade dinner. As the saying goes, "The wool comes from the sheep." Gifts, concessions, and meals are all paid for by the terminal boss. It is the key to choosing manufacturers and distributors who can really open up sales for themselves. Conference marketing is a way to achieve "one-to-many wholesale sales". It cannot be denied because of some problems in conference marketing. The most important thing is to find a way to solve the problem.

   Fourth, conference marketing advice

  1. The work that air compressor manufacturers must do

   First, there must be a dedicated team for conference marketing. Many companies do not have a dedicated department responsible for terminal boss meetings. Either the technical department or the sales department will work part-time, while the formal planning department or marketing department should be responsible for it. There is also no dedicated lecturer who is responsible for giving lectures. They are either hired from colleges or by business managers and technical teachers. Unprofessionalism will definitely cause problems. We must rely on a professional team to establish a systematic and mature meeting system, and establish standards and procedures.

The terminal boss meeting must promote a clear concept, dealers and manufacturers must have their own clear views, simply talking about products, talking about broad air compressor technical knowledge is out of date, and the content of lectures must be changed according to local conditions and customer conditions. , Every meeting must have a clear theme.

Air compressor companies and distributors cannot rush for quick success and instant profit. Every meeting must increase sales, and must recoup the cost, meet for product promotion, and meet for promotion, but let the terminal owner truly master useful air compressor technology and marketing Knowledge, etc., to create great benefits for the terminal boss, and to achieve great development.

If you want the meeting to be good, you need to prepare carefully. There must be clear and detailed work content for what to do before, during, and after the meeting. If the preliminary work is done well, a meeting will have a prerequisite for success; after the meeting Do a good job of after-sales so that customers will not feel foolish and buy goods. The work before and after the meeting is the key to the success of the meeting. For example, product trial before the meeting, terminal boss’s invitation, mobilization before the meeting, follow-up visits to problems after the meeting, as well as the host, process, lectures, terminal boss interaction, atmosphere adjustment, ordering, and venue layout during the meeting are all systems. Supporting.

Many companies also attach great importance to conference marketing and are very standardized. The investment costs are high, but there are many unsuccessful cases. The main reason is that they have not been implemented. They are changed at will in order to accommodate the terminal boss, customer practices, and team members’ habits. This is The key factor in the failure of most meetings.

There should also be several forms for terminal boss meetings. In the past, everyone liked to hold very large meetings, blindly pursuing large numbers of people, leading to high expenses and poor results. In fact, it is not that more people are better, and the conference must be determined by A small meeting will pave the way for it, and a small meeting will be held after the conference. Only a solid meeting will be effective.

   There must be a plan for the details of each problem that may arise in the overall process of the meeting, such as how to invite the terminal boss, how to get the terminal boss to arrive early and on time, and control the atmosphere of the meeting, etc. are very critical.

  2. What the dealer must do

  Cooperate with manufacturers. The communication between each meeting and the manufacturer must be in place, the two sides collide with each other, and finally reach a consensus. Most dealers with technical backgrounds are more worried about meetings and have more stereotypes-they are unwilling to meet and worry that others will not come. I feel that taking the initiative to promote sales and taking the initiative to meet is to ask others; I also expressed concern about co-organizing meetings with manufacturers, and worried that the manufacturers would take away the information of the terminal boss. Reluctantly participating in the holding of the conference will not succeed in the end, and will smash your own brand.

   Conference set of small meetings. The conference is a very critical step in building a brand among the local customer base, but the conference should also support small meetings. Small meetings are highly targeted and interactive. This is the path that dealers have gradually taken in the past two years.

Have the courage to insist on making choices, do something and not do something. Many dealers are afraid of offending people and do not classify terminal bosses. The big and small terminal bosses meet together. They don’t know whether to choose between some low-quality and profitable terminal bosses, which also affects the meeting effect. The key to good or bad.

   The current market is not good. In fact, a meeting is the best time to change the concept of the terminal boss, and the best time to have a meeting.

   3. The work that terminal bosses must do

Having a good terminal boss meeting also has a lot to do with the terminal bosses themselves. Participants must have a good attitude. In recent years, some terminal bosses who pursue profit-seeking will basically be eliminated. They have an empty cup mentality and are good at learning advanced. Air compression technology and terminal owners who have the courage to break through concepts have become the mainstream.

In recent years, the air compressor industry has developed rapidly. Both manufacturers and distributors have encountered many difficulties. It is not that the industry cannot do it, but the approach is different. It can no longer follow the rules of the past, change habits, change thinking, and surpass others. It will even be better than before.