A miniature servo motor includes a small DC motor, a set of variable speed (reduction) gear sets, a feedback adjustable potentiometer and an electronic control board. Among them, the high-speed rotating DC motor provides the original power and drives the variable speed (reduction) gear set to produce a high torque output. The greater the gear ratio of the gear set, the greater the output torque of the servo motor, that is to say, the greater the weight it can bear, the lower the speed of rotation it will be.


Features include the following:

1. Space-saving, durable, high overload capacity;

2. Low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency up to more than 95%;

3. Low vibration, low noise, high energy saving, selection of section steel materials, The gear surface is subjected to high frequency heat treatment;

4. After precision machining, the positioning accuracy is ensured. All of this constitutes the gear reduction motor of the gear transmission assembly. The gear reduction motor is equipped with various motors, forming a mechatronics, which completely completes the quality characteristics of the product. MINIMOTOR gear reduction motors are widely used and are indispensable power equipment for mechanical equipment, especially in printing machinery, corrugated machinery, packaging machinery, conveying machinery, food machinery, color box machinery, automatic storage, three-dimensional warehouses, tobacco machinery, and three-dimensional parking lots Equipment, textiles, dyeing and finishing, chemical and other equipment.