The latest overview of wind power blade industry

Because the technical threshold of the blade manufacturing industry is not high, most latecomers buy licenses from abroad and can form production capacity within half a year. In order to seize market share, these companies can only rely on price wars to compete viciously.

Zhou Yuxian, President of Sinoma Technology, once stated that mergers and acquisitions may be conducted in the next two to three years to increase concentration. Although the person in charge of AVIC Huiteng said that the company currently has no plans to acquire other companies, but if AVIC Huiteng, a leader in the industry, succeeds in listing, it will inevitably use its capital advantage to strengthen industry integration. The concentration of the wind power blade industry in the future will inevitably be Further strengthen.

In May 2008, the number of wind turbine blade manufacturers in China was only 30, and just two years later, this number quickly tripled to more than 120. Among them, there are more than a dozen companies that have formed mass production capacity. Foreign-funded companies are mainly represented by Vestas, GE, Elm, and Gomesa, and domestic companies are represented by AVIC Huiteng, Zhongfu Lianzhong, and Sinoma Technology. .

Behind the rapid expansion of the number of enterprises is the short supply of blades and high profit margins. According to Deng Changhua, general manager of Zhongshan Mingyang Wind Energy Blade Technology Co., Ltd., the current average profit margin of the wind power blade industry exceeds 10%, but the supply of blades is still in short supply.

In this situation, more and more companies flock to the blade manufacturing industry, and the profit margin of the entire industry is gradually diluting. A related person in charge of AVIC Huiteng told a reporter from China Securities News that in 2009, AVIC Huiteng’s sales were 2.1 billion yuan, and its market share was 30%. The main reason is that new blade companies have seized the company's existing market share.

At present, the domestic blade manufacturing industry has gradually formed three echelons. The first tier is represented by AVIC Huiteng, Zhongfu Lianzhong and Sinoma Technology. They have high output and large scale. They mainly supply major wind power manufacturers such as Goldwind and Huarui, and the market is stable; the second tier is Zhongshan Wind Energy Blade Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Dongqi Wind Power Blade Engineering Co., Ltd. are mainly used. They have their own complete machine manufacturing parent company as the backing. The blades are mainly self-produced and sold, so there is no need to worry about sales issues; the third-tier company is smaller , They have neither stable orders from large companies nor sales guarantees from their parent companies.